Dogs of WC

Sadie is ready for the holidays as she sits under the Christmas Tree!
Javy the stud


Suzie snores a lot



lil doggo desil
Spanky the UPS man
Happy belated birthday to Uga!
This is Lily and she spends most of her time wanting belly rubs
Benny boo
Bama loves Alabama
River loves to get his pictures taken
Pupper Reno
Votto likes to eat toilet bowl cleaners
Ara loves doggy birthday parties!
Cooper is a trouble maker
Clyde is the king of the house and rescued from Adorabull
Lita loves cuddles
Sookie thinks she is a human and likes to wear her seat belt during car rides
Emma likes to chew on rocks
Snooki lives up to her name
Belle is friends with everyone
Mora is the silliest dog you will ever meet
Indie :- )
Lily is a rescue dog and a sweetie
Bandit the husky and Shelby the beagle
Rigs likes to watch and wait for everybody to get home
Finley enjoys the breeze going through her hair
Miley always needs to be laying on you
Zoey thinks she is a lap dog
Jake spends most of his time sleeping in weird places
Rylee is a lap dog for very big laps
FRANK !!!!!
Iris and her bff Sophie
Lily likes to sit on tables
Ash never leaves the house without his raincoat!
Lacey loves to make new friends
Winston loves to hang around
Jeffery, so ugly he’s cute

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