Thank you, Next By Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande dropped a new single called “Thank You, Next” on November 3rd 2018. There were some rumors that Ariana was going to drop a new song by the end of 2018 but she lead everyone to believe that was happening in late December. Well that was not true. The 25 year old just released a new album on August 17th 2018, so you can imagine how surprised everyone one was when she made yet another song. Her album sweetener was and still is very popular. If you want to read more about her latest album here is a link about that,

Even though it hasn’t been too long since Arianas last album she sure has had a lot change in her life. It all started on September 7th when her ex boyfriend Mac Miller died of a drug overdose. Ariana was very sad about this and posted a few things on instagram of old videos of them and of just him. Not only did Malcolm die Ariana and Pete Davidson ended their engagement! Sadly this couple decided that they were not in the right place to be married. Pete the SNL comedian has said things about the break up and how he will always love her, but she is just not in the right place. Ariana has not made mant statements about the breakup it’s self but many have suspicions about post she has put on twitter and instagram. Well even the death of a friend and a break up didn’t stop her from making a great song.

Now just the title of the song you should be intrigued, “Thank You, Next”. The first lyrics she lists her exes. Ariana sings “ Thought I’d end up with Sean But he wasn’t a match, Wrote some songs about Ricky, Now I listen and laugh, Even almost got married, And for Pete, I’m so thankful, Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, ‘Cause he was an angel.” She then goes on and addresses three things, Love, Patience, and of course pain. Now she does not say which caused her both but most likely all of them. You then get into the the main chores “Thank you (Next)”. Ariana says this multiple times in the song. She means that she is so thankful for all of her past relationships and how they have helped her grow. Ariana also talks about her mental state throughout the year and how she has a positive mentality right now.

Now the real question is if the world likes it and the answer is… Yes! There’s been so much positivity toward the song. It has already hit number 1 on the billboard. Ariana has thanked all of her friends family and of course all of her fans. Not only are fans raving about the new song she has already performed the song on Ellen. Makaylee Highly said “I love the song so much, I think it is so relatable that she grows from her past and that it only makes her stronger.” Kira Grayson says “I am not a huge Ariana Grande fan but I really enjoy this song. I think I listen to it everyday.”

If you haven’t listened to Ariana Grande’s new song “Thank You, Next” I highly suggest it!

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