Chinese Internment Camps

Over the past few weeks the Chinese government has been expanding the size and range of their newly established detainment camps in the western half of the country. In the past they have had issues with certain divisions of the population which have led them to violations of human rights. Here there are now hundred of thousands of Muslims that are being the kept in these indoctrinated centers. The reasoning behind this comes from new Chinese policies where the government looks to “brainwash” the inmates into the government party propaganda. The idea is reasoned because the government felt there has been a rising wave of extremism in the province of Xinjiang. Continue reading Chinese Internment Camps

Synagogue Shooter Pleads Not Guilty

Thursday of last week, defense attorneys for the suspect in the shooting that occured at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania pleaded not guilty in a shocking decision made by the accused last minute. Robert Bowers entered the courtroom in wrist, ankle, and waist shackles along with a large bandage on his left arm. He had been shot multiple times in a shootout with police after the massacre occurred. Bowers is the prime suspect and most likely candidate to be accused of the slaughter that occurred last thursday.

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Coat Drive

It’s fall, and that means it is starting to get cold outside and we need our jackets and coats. Some people

in the Cincinnati area don’t have the privilege to go out and buy brand new coats for the cold weather and

really any jacket at all. This is why many people have created coat drives. A coat drive is where people in

the community can drop off old but in good condition jackets and coats for less fortunate people in the

community. A common coat drive that people like is the St. Vincent de Paul. It has three locations for you

to drop off your coats. Barrels are located at all Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Gold Star chili

locations except restaurants in a mall. Another place the barrels are located are at Kemba Credit Unions,

and the last place is at your cleaners and Valetone cleaners. This event has been going on for about 140

years, think about all the people that got to stay to stay a little warmer during the cold days. If you happen

to have any old jackets or coats that are in good condition but you don’t use or fit in them anymore, please

drop them off at a coat drive and help people stay warm!!  

Beast Scary Movies

While october is coming to an end you might be cramping in some scary movies before it’s too late! Here you will find the best movies to watch that will kill your spooky vibes for the season.

Now first I am going to just list the obvious originals. Now these movies are the murder mystery, and thrillers. The more spooky mood movies.

Why Teen Girl and Boys Don’t Have Equal Access to Phones

All over the world, teen girls and boys are big users of phones. But, you may not have heard that girls in boys in 25 countries have been surveyed. The survey “found that for every 15 boys who own a phone, only 10 girls do” ( It was very shocking to hear because boys and girls nowadays are receiving phones earlier and earlier in age. Continue reading Why Teen Girl and Boys Don’t Have Equal Access to Phones