Does Adoption Have More Positive or Negative Effects?

Adoption is the process and legal procedure of which children lacking support and cultural benefits from a family, are able to get permanent people and another family to support them in which they will no longer be taken away from their necessities.  Adoption is beneficial for the adopter and the adoptee.

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The adoptee will be able to live a happier, healthier and more comfortable life in a better environment, and for the adopter, they get to bring home a new joy to experience this love and parenting with.  Adoption can be looked at as a fresh start for the two parties. However, child adoption is likely to have an effect on the adoptive parents, the adoptee and the birth parents as well. There are more than 101,000 children in the United States that are waiting to get adopted.  The ages of these children range from school-aged and older. 

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Although children who are fortunate enough to get adopted have more stable resources and a more comfortable environment to live in, they also may suffer from the trauma that adoption brings.  Adoption could bring many emotional barriers for one to overcome because of how much, and the circumstances they are put through throughout their life. The fact that they are not being raised by who birthed them, and having to adjust to a new family will take a toll on the adoptee.  With open adoptions, a lot of the time the children are brought these people who will soon be called their parents, to raise these children, while the child being adopted had little to no notice about these people and never had a chance to get to meet them beforehand or know anything about them and what they are like.  Adoptive parents don’t always tell their children that they are adopted, but if they do it is typically later in the child’s life. This can cause stress or emotional trauma to the child once they find this out and they may feel as if their biological parents “gave up” on them. Older children in adoption centers or children of another race don’t get adopted as often as a caucasian child or an infant.  Once a child is adopted, the birth parents can come back to their children if they renounce their legal parental rights. This could confuse a child and be difficult for them to go through the adoption process with a new family just to switch again back to their birth parents. Once the child has been legally adopted, the biological parents have no legal ties to the child. The time it takes to adopt a healthy child can vary between two to seven years so that child will have to wait to start their new life with their new family.  If a child of a different race is adopted into a family that is not their race, that child could be going to a school being the only student of a different race making them feel as if they don’t belong or fit in with everyone else.

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However, if the children are being put into an adoption center because of the poor things their birth parents are doing or growing up not being taken cared of properly, they will be able to escape that situation and start over in a healthier family and they will be freed from the trauma that has been put onto them, and orphaned or homeless children will be able to have forever homes.  Children who have only grown up with one parent and are then put into an adoption center will then get to experience life with two parents. Adoption is positive for the adopter if they are not able to have children of their own or have had trouble with having a baby, they can now adopt a child to raise as their own. If two parents are not stable or ready for a family they oftentimes choose to put their children up for adoption for two people who cannot have a family or who are more prepared for a family so their child can be better taken care of.  Another case of positive adoption would be if a mother has a baby with a negligent father, and then remarries, the stepfather of the child can adopt them as their own, so the child can get away from the presence of their negligent father and have their stepfather fulfill the father role.

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When taking a poll of students from West Clermont High School, 89% of them had said that adoption is more positive than negative and only 11% think that adoption has more negative effects than positive effects.


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