Top 15 Sports Movies

Throughout history there have been many iconic sports movies made.  Some more recognizable than others. There are some great sports movies that everybody knows or at least should know.  Here is a list of the top 15 sports movies made, in no particular order.

  1. Coach Carter- When Richmond goes another season without a win they hire a new coach who went to Richmond and has a good rep.  The coach comes in and makes major changes. Throughout the movie the players learn a lot more than just basketball.

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  1. Love and Basketball- They meet when she moved to the house right next to him.  Throughout high school they are both good basketball players and fall in love with each other.  They go to the same college for basketball and things start getting bumpy.

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  1. Longest Yard- After an ex NFL Quarterback gets arrested the only way he can win his freedom is if he and his team of felons can beats the guards who are heavily favored in a football game.

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  1. Creed II- The son of the man that killed his father in a boxing match, challenges him to a boxing match.  Adonnis has no choice but to defend his and his fathers name with the help of former boxing legend Rocky Balboa.

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  1. Remember the Titans- When an all black school is forced to integrate with an all white school their football team is put to the ultimate test.  They must overcome many problems off the field before they make any progress on the field.

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  1. Like Mike- When Calvin Cambridge wears his sneakers that were worn previously by Michael Jordan he gets a chance to prove that he’s “Like Mike”.  He gets his chance and gets recognized by an NBA team who drafts him for a day.


  1. Sandlot- In the summer you have all the time to do what you love, for this group of neighborhood friends that is playing baseball.  They play baseball everyday and go on some pretty funny and also scary adventures.


8.Karate Kid- He is forced to move to China where he doesn’t know anybody.  He meets Mr.Miyugi who through chores teaches him karate.


  1. Happy Gilmore- His grandma is threatened to lose her house if she doesn’t pay, but she doesn’t have any money to pay.  Happy is forced to do something he never imagined himself doing, joining a golf tournament to win money.


  1. Waterboy- After a player on a prominent college football team teases Bobby the waterboy about his mother Bobby beats the player up.  After the coach sees this instead of being angry he offers Bobby a spot on the roster.


  1. Blind Side- 6 foot 4, 315 pound Michael Oher is in and out of school until one day a wife and her husband take him in.  With their help they make him realize his potential on the football field and in the classroom.


12.Hard Ball- Connor gets in deep with a loan shark and needs help paying off his debts.  He can’t get help unless he coaches an inner city little league baseball team.


  1. Gridiron Gang- A counselor at a juvenile detention center wants to teach the inmates about responsibility and self respect.  There’s no better way to do that then starting a football team at the juvey.


  1. We Are Marshall- After the entire team died in a plane crash Coach Lengyel is challenged with rebuilding the program from the ground up.


  1. He Got Game- After serving 6 years in prison for accidentally killing his wife Jake Shuttlesworth leaves behind his son who became a star basketball player.  He is offered a shortened sentence if he can get his son to go to the wardens alma mater.

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