Understanding Your Undertone And What It Means

Image result for girl smiling in the mirrorOne of the most essential factors to a seamless makeup application, is understanding your skin completely, and to understand your skin, you need to understand your undertone. Some people love a more natural makeup application, and to achieve that look, understanding your undertone is your key to finding your perfect foundation, concealer, and bronzer shade!

But you may be wondering, what is a undertone? A undertone is the color that is embedded underneath the skin, this is what gives your skin the overall color. There is three undertones you could be, cool, warm, or even neutral.

Don’t be intimidated by this, I know at first this may seem intimidating but finding your perfect undertone is actually way easier than you think!

When you have a warm undertone you will notice that your skin has a yellow, golden, or maybe even a little peachy finish to it. If you have a cool undertone, your skin is pink, or has a red tint, or even a bluish finish. If you have a neutral undertone, you have a pretty even mixture of both warm and cool undertones. The warm and cool will bounce off of each other and create a nice balance too it.

Right now you may be looking in the mirror, and asking yourself, “Blue? Red? Yellow? My skin doesn’t have blue or red and it sure doesn’t have yellow?!” These are logical questions to be asking yourself, because prior to today you have never asked yourself to look more closely at your skin. But I have a few tests that will help your eyes notice these gorgeous hues to your skin!

  1. Take A Closer Look At Your Jewelry- Does gold or silver look more flattering on you?Image result for gold and silver jewlery Some of us may say both! Which is true, but take a moment to really think about which do you grab towards more? Is gold your go-to jewelry that never fails? Or is silver? If you have a cooler undertone you may love the way silver looks on your skin, while people who have warmer undertones gravitate towards the gold.
  1. How Do You Tan?- This is one of the easiests tests because you know how your skin reacts to the sun, are you applying SPF 24/7 or are you the type of person who has never had to apply SPF? If your skin burns, and you are religiously applying your Image result for girl looking at her skin tone stockSPF, you can consider yourself a cool undertone. If you are as cool as a cucumber out in the sun, you have a warm undertone. Let’s say you tan, but at a very slow rate, and occasionally you do burn. This means you have a neutral undertone!


  1. Flip Your Wrist Over- Now that you have your wrist flipped over, look closely at your veins. I want you to really pay attention to the color of your veins through Related imageyour skin. Do your veins look purplish or even blue? Well this means your undertone is cool. If your veins to seem have a greenish hue, don’t be alarmed because this means you have a warm undertone. If you are having trouble pinpointing your exact vein color, you are probably neutral!


Personally, I have found these three tests to be the easiest to pinpoint my undertone! Now, with this knowledge you can successfully find the foundation or even concealer that was made just for your skin!  

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