Club of the Week

If you have any interest in the arts, or bettering yourself with achievements then West Clermont encourages you to check out the after school school art club. The art club works as a creative space where students can work with any medium in an open studio while meeting peers that share interests and learning more about the chosen craft. Art club has a diverse set of hard working students coming from all varieties of artistic backgrounds, with a wide range of interests in attendance. Art club offers students an opportunity not only to create, but to also provide for the school and the community. Just last year WCHS’ was able to march with lanterns they designed themselves in the parade for  the light show, Blink, downtown. The immaculate decorations seen at homecoming this year were created by the dedicated members who put in hours to make sure their best efforts were put forth to be on display.

If any of what was previously mentioned then consider joining! Art club has plans to be involved once again with Blink in April, creating for and volunteering at West Clermont’s own Empty Bowls fundraiser, java night & district wide art show as well as creating decorations for veterans day and painting faces for fundraising at sporting events. Art club is all year club that is always open to new faces.nahs

Ms Shauff started Amelia’s art club in 2008 when she began working on campus and then carried on the activity after merging into West Clermont. She wanted the school to have one as it just seemed weird not to, and Glen Este had been running one already.

Art Club has more to offer though, for outstanding art students the National Art Honors Society exists as a way for high schools to expand their list of achievements while exploring exciting mediums and bettering the community. The requirements include having an overall GPA of 3.0 & an art class GPA of 3.5, three teacher recommendations and dedications to work for 20 community service hours by the end of the year and attend meetings when possible. NAHS offers a great opportunity to students looking for ways to achieve more and establish themselves for the future when apply to jobs and college.

If you have further questions Shauff encourages you to join a meeting on Tuesdays after school from three to four in room 252, or email here your questions at

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