Is Zion Williamson AS Good AS He Seems

We all know Zion Williamson is a good basketball player, but is he NBA worthy? Zion is no doubt one of the most if not the most athletic basketball we have seen since Lebron. He can jump to the moon and back and do ridiculous dunks and blocks. But is he actually that good at basketball?


Zion has relied on his athleticism throughout his career so far. And that has been enough for now, but can that carry him to the NBA also. Zion can dunk and block and all that highlight type plays, but he lacks the fundamentals. From the videos we’ve seen from him, he never shoots the ball. He will go in for a dunk or a layup. He likes to work the post game and fast break scores. He reminds me of a more athletic Ben Simmons.


Now with that being said, he is not a flop. If he can work on his perimeter shot and be able to make defenders miss, he can be one of the best players we have seen in a while. Although watching Zion dunk and do these crazy plays, it would be amazing to see him be one of the best players in the NBA. He has all the potential, now we need to see if he has the work ethic.

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