Why Lebron Is Better Than Jordan

LeBron V.S. Jordan is one of the most controversial and debated argument in the sports world for the past decade. Jordan has been known to the public as the best basketball player of all time. Jordan has been the face of the NBA since he was drafted into the league. That is until LeBron came into the league. LeBron took the league by storm straight out of high school and destroyed any team that faced him. Now the million dollar question that has been asked, Is LeBron James better that Michael Jordan? We will study the aspects and skills of both players to compare and contrast their game and see who actually is the best basketball player of the two.

2-Point Scoring 

James is above Jordan in the 2-Point shot. James has a career 54% Shot Percentage inside the paint, while Jordan only has 51%. Also Jordan is retired so that percentage will never go up, but James still has a couple more years in the league to get that percentage up. Jordan was better than James at making difficult shots, but James is better at taking better percentage shots and making them. James takes the cake on this aspect of the game.


3-Point Scoring

This one is pretty obvious who won in this aspect. James is a better shooter than Jordan. James has a 34 shot percentage, compared to Jordan’s 32. Jordan only took one shot from behind the arch per game, compared to Jame’s 4 shots per game. James takes more and makes more shots than Jordan did. Especially this year, James is shooting lights out from deep behind the line. He’s been draining crazy shots from deep.


Free Throw Shooting

Now Jordan is all about the Free Throw line. Because Jordan was such a driving finisher, he got fouled a lot. Jordan and LeBron actually averaged the same number of Free Throw attempts per game at 8, but Jordan blows James out of the water in Free Throw Percentage.



Jordan was an all out scorer. That’s what Jordan does. He scores the ball and that’s what his position on the team was, to score. Jordan took many more shots than James, and that made him more popular. Jordan scored more than James in many occasions. James is more of a team player. James would rather find an open teammate than go through 3 defenders to make a difficult shot like Jordan.

maxresdefault (1).jpg


James is definitely the better passer of the two. Like mentioned earlier, LeBron would rather find a teammate open and give him the ball for an easy basket, rather than driving through the crowded lane to make a difficult shot like Jordan. James takes this aspect pretty easily.



Jordan was a lock down defender no doubt, but Jordan can only defend his position. Unlike Jordan, James can defend any position as good as anyone. James also takes over his team in giving them roles on who to guard and how to guard. LeBron is overall a better defender because of his team defensive abilities.


Physical Abilities

This one is pretty simple. LeBron is bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter than Jordan. LeBron’s basketball IQ is amazing. He knows the game better than anyone on the court today. James takes this one pretty easily.



LeBrons leadership is outstanding. He picks up his teammates and makes them better players. Jordan didn’t have to do that because he was surrounded with great players already. James can go to any team and make them one of the best. He did that with Cleveland. He went to a loosing team and made them a multi championship team.



All in all James is a better basketball player and athlete than Jordan. Jordan is a great player and a fun player to watch. James is just a better player in general and still has many years in the league to improve and make more milestones that will last for many years to come.


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