Charges Filed Against the Fiance of Missing Colorado Women

Colorado woman; Kelsey Berreth has been missing for over a month and hasn’t been seen or heard from by any friends or relatives. She is a 29 year old flight instructor and mother to a 1 year old girl. But nearly a month after her going missing, Berreth’s parents and prosecuters have decided to file a wrongful death suit at Colorado’s federal district court against her fiance, Patrick Frazee. Even thought her remains have not yet been discovered.

Kelsey Berreth

As of last Monday the law suite for the formal criminal charges against him are in motion for allegedly killing the mother of there child. He faces two counts of murder  and 3 counts of solicitation to committee a murder. He has two murder counts because there are two theories about how the killing has taken place. Ether he had murdered her on his own with no help, or he had someone else with him to rob Berreth before the murder took place.

Even thought investigators have yet to confirm any details about the solicitation, its likely that prosecutors think Frazee solicited an individual three or so times, or three people on three separate occasions as part of a plot to murder Berreth. The alleged solicitation occurred from September 1st to November 1st.

The couple didn’t live together but Frazee claims that he met up with Kelsey on that day to pick up there 1 year old daughter; Kaylee from her. 10 days later Kelsey’s mother reported her missing. She hasn’t been seen since around thanksgiving time and police do not believe she is still alive.

The fiance remains in holding without bond, and he has not yet entered his pleas to the charge. Its not 100% clear if he has representation in the civil case. But a second woman is now being investigated also about the case. she is believed to be an alliance for the killing and might’ve helped dispose of Berreths phone.

Days after the disappearance, her mobile phone pinged on a cell tower over 600 miles away from her home. On the same day text messages were sent to her employers saying she will be out for the next week.

Patrick Frazee

What happened between the couple and the standing of there relationship is unknown, close friends and relative claim they couple split up the day of the alleged killing and others say the engagement was off weeks before the disappearance. authorities are not yet sure of the possible motive of the murder.

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