Government Shutdown

Since December 22nd, 2018 a partial government shutdown has been ongoing and for now there is no end in sight. The main cause for the disagreement is President trump’s request for funding the border wall and Democrats are simply not willing to give up $5 billion.

On Thursday, the House Democrats passed a plan to reopen the government but it will not fund Trump’s border wall. The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to tell Trump and Senate Republicans need to “take yes for an answer” and approve the bill. It is said to be almost identical to a plan the Senate adopted on a voice vote last month. Pelosi is also ensuring people that they’re not doing a wall and has even criticized Trump calling his border wall proposal “a wall between reality and his constituents.” Trump still believes, as he has said many times, that “without a wall you cannot have border security”, but now with a Democrat House majority a the return of Pelosi as speaker the GOP could be in trouble of passing any border wall bill.


The shutdown comes due to a stalemate between Trump and the Democrats over a spending package that would fund nine government agencies. As of Monday the 7th it stands as the third-longest on record. Now, Trump is asking for a “steel barrier” instead of the ormer concrete wall. His reasoning come as he believes that “the other side feels better about it.” The amount of funding requested would still only cover about 234 miles of the nearly 2,000 mile long border, meaning additional funding or ideas are still needed.

Over the first weekend of the year VP Mike Pence and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner met with congressional Democrats to push negotiations, but no further progress was able to be made. Earlier in that week Trump had a meeting in the Rose Garden at the White House where he discussed using emergency powers for funding if needed. The funding would come from Defense Spending by him calling the border wall situation a national emergency, therefore he would be able to immediately start building security for the southern border. The President can declare an emergency, although specific powers that are available to him are unclear.

Another large effect that has come from the shutdown that has come with much pushback is the hundreds of thousands of federal employees hurt by it. Roughly 400,000 employees are still working without pay and but Trump is not letting this affect his plan. In fact Trump said in a tweet he believes these workers feel that the shutdown and its goal is “far more important” than the pay.


What might be the most jaw dropping is that Trump stands tall despite opposition and says he will keep the shutdown “for a very long period of time — months or even years.” For know the shutdown goes on with no clear end in sight, as Trump’s recent Presidential Address showed he had no intention of ending the closure. 


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