Gillette Ad

Gillette just released their newest add “We Believe” which focuses on the topic of toxic masculinity. Although the ad has earned lots of praise and publicity for the brand, it has also caused some other negative feelings for the company. Critics are upset with Gillette and say that the message is “insulting” and assumes that the dislike of women is a common thing among their customer base. The ad was released on Monday and begins with clips of actions you would put with “toxic masculinity” such as men laughing at shows making fun of women, online bullying, or a boss mansplaining his female colleagues idea at a meeting. The narrator in the ad goes on to say “ We believe in the best in men, to say the right thing, to act the right way. Some already are. But some is not enough. Because the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.” Throughout the ad, it then shifts its focus to the #MeToo movement and begins to show scenes of men defending others from hurtful or violent behavior, bullying, and stopping their friends from harassing. The brand then later stated on social media that while much is being done to do more, there is still much more work to do.

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However, after the brand challenged men “to do more” and getting closer to being the best version of ourselves, like any other controversial commercial that is put out for the public, people are beginning to turn their noses and were turned off by the ad. Some people wrote in regards to what they had watched,

“As a very successful, loving, and responsible husband (married 32 years) and father of two confident young adults (male and female), I find this ad INCREDIBLY insulting,” one commenter wrote on YouTube, where Gillette’s “We Believe” ad had racked up nearly 3 million views as of Tuesday morning. “Gillette has NO BUSINESS assuming most men are bad and misogynistic. I’m not buying ANOTHER product from these self-important morons. How DARE you, Gillette…”

“How to insult 99% of your market lol,” was said by another.

Then of course to top it all off, customers have vowed to stop using the product all together, a trend that seems to happen anytime an ad or commercial is put out that is a controversial topic for the public.

A lot of talk happened on twitter when the ad was released. The Dollar Shave Club tweeted “Welcome to the Club” shortly after the ad was aired.

Despite all the negative remarks to the ad, there was also positive feedback and praise where people felt as if people were missing the point entirely.

One women tweeted out that the point of the ad is to be a better version of yourself, be a better role model for the younger generation.

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