Polish Mayor Dies in Stabbing

On January 13, 2019, an attack was attempted on the mayor Pawel Adamowicz of Gdansk. He had been attending a charity event that was accompanied by thousands of people. While Adamowicz was on stage giving a speech, a person came running towards him with a knife. He had stabbed the mayor multiple times leaving him with wounds that were very extensive.This charity that the mayor was attending was for helping aid transports for southern Poland so that people could have the opportunity to get to places they needed to be. It was always made so that money could be raised for a nationwide program for Personal Insulin Treatment of Children with Diabetes. They wanted this charity to be funded so that people could get the help they needed and it was for everyone such as women, children and men.

After stabbing the mayor, the attacker told the audience that the mayor deserved what he had coming for him because the mayor had imprisoned the attacker for being innocent. The man who lead the attack was arrested by the police. He was a “27-year old man named only as Stefan who was released from prison with a sentencing of 5 1/2 years for attempting to steal from banks of Gdansk” (npr.org).

The person who was in charge of the charity event; Jerzy Owsiak, told the police that he had been receiving hateful messages that turned into threats. Everyone was shook that this terrible tragedy occurred. Many people were very supportive when they found out that the mayor had to undergo a surgery. “People were lined up to donate blood while the mayor struggled for his life” (npr.org). People had planned protests all over Poland for the mayor.

Pael Adamowicz was a good man. He “pushed to bring wounded Syrian children to his city for medical treatment, and organized student strikes for the Solidarity movement that helped end Communism in eastern Europe” (npr.org). People who really get involved with helping out their community should not deserve to be killed.

Unfortunately, the 5-hour surgeries were not enough to help save this man. He was announced dead on January 14th, 2019. Many people came to the aid of the mayor by sending their condolences to his family. It was such a tragedy that should have never taken place. The attacker should be incarcerated so that he should never be able to see the light again. Pael Adamowica was “a man of Solidarity and freedom, a European who loved his country, and a very good friend” (npr.org).

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