Russia Saves Starved Bear Cub

What would you do if you saw a furry brown bear cub walking down the streets of your neighborhood, crying out in starvation, no mother in sight? Well, those in the far eastern village of Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia) took action right away, and the results are heart-warming.

_105179437_pawIt’s not uncommon for adults bears to be poached in Russia, leaving their cubs to fend for themselves, often before they have acquired the skills essential for their survival. Most of these cubs do tend to wander into nearby towns in search of any source of food they can get a hold of. This is the case of Mashka, a tiny bear cub whose mother was killed mercilessly before her cub was even taught how to fish or defend for itself. Unfortunately there has been an increased number in bear attacks in Kamchatka so authorities have been demanded to protect the public from potential harm.

What do you do once you have a bear cub that weighs half (should weight 110 lbs) of what it should at that age? After feeding her some fish the villagers sent out trackers to see if she had just been separated from her mother or if the worse case scenario, her mother was poached. After confirming that her mother was killed, they made efforts to find Mashka a new home! Yelizovo had the nearest zoo but due to lack of space to hold another Kamchatka, Eurasia’s largest bear species, could only house her for so long, so they villagers started devising another plan to save their little bear cub.

What’s after zoos? Nature reserves! However, little Mashka was unfit to be set out on herprima collared shpilenok(1)_reduced own again with her lack of essential life skills, and even worse off now that she had become so accustomed to humans, she was incredibly vulnerable to predators. The light at the end of the tunnel began to shine when the Feniks Animal Rehabilitation Center in Kaluga (West Russia) said they were able to take in Mashka permanently! The next step would be getting her there, transporting a bear is just about as difficult and expensive as one would think, so a Facebook page was set up in order to help raise money to get Mashka to her final destination. New reports of all sorts pitched in to spread the word for Mashka’s cause, and before too long enough wonderfully generous people had raised the hefty amount of $3288 to cover the bill to transport her. Russia culture adores bears, and it showed clearly in the citizens actions to save an innocent cubs life, Mashka is now set to arrive to her rehabilitation center on the 22nd.

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