Saudi Woman Who Hopes to Inspire Others

On January 12, 2019, a young woman by the name of Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun fled her country, leaving behind her family. But, she was able to make it safely to a secure asylum in Canada. However, she left her family behind for distinct reasons. She was disowned by her family due to her not following her culture correctly. The reasons that follow were not her fault. She had allegedly said that they abused her and was only allowed to do certain things only by the permission of a male relative. 

In Saudia Arabia, women do not have the kind of freedom they have here in the U.S and Canada. Saudia Arabia “has a male guardianship system where the woman needs permission from a male relative for major life decisions like marriage, work and travel” ( Over there, women have no independence. Everything they do has to be approved by a male and it makes them not feel as equal to men. The result of that includes Saudi women starting movements and later on them being arrested.

After, fleeing and making it into Canada, she is hoping to illuminate others that are from her country to follow in her foot steps if they are put into the same position as she was. She said “She hopes that her story encouraged other women to be brave and free” ( It isn’t easy living in a country where women have to live up to their expectations by complying with the men in their lives. It just isn’t right for a man to make decisions for women based on their culture and what they have to go off of according to their country.

Canada didn’t just take Mohammed in when she showed up. It took a lot of convincing by social media postings that she had made. It was a good decision that they did because Mohammed was in a very dark place. With all that was going on back in her country, she had thought about ending it all with suicide. When arriving she was scared out of her mind, she thought that they were going to arrest her and deport her right back to where she came from. But, instead the “Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland was there to greet her and promise to give her a safe country where she will have all of her rights” (

With all the help and support, this young woman has a bright future ahead of her. She plans on starting a whole new life where she can get the education she needs and be normal for once. A go fund me fundraiser has been made so she is “protected from getting harmed or killed due to her leaving her religion and torture from her family” (Ralif). So far a total of $6,865 has been raised in the past 13 days. The goal is to make it to $100,000 and with many people supporting her, the goal should be reached very soon.

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