7 Rings

This past year Ariana Grande has been the none stop talk. From her newest album that dropped on August 20th 2018, “Sweetener”. The album went viral. You heard it everywhere you go. After the album title went down a bit Ariana was talked about again! This was because her and ex. Fiance Pete Davidson broke their engagement. Then if that wasn’t enough Ariana came out with a new song, “Thank You, Next”. Which has been non stop on the radio, Instagram captions, and number one on billboard for a long time.

This song got a lot of backlash because Ariana mentioned her ex boyfriends from over the years. Including Malcolm Miller the rapper who overdosed in September of 2018, for which Ariana has come out saying how sad and upset she was to hear about his death. Ariana also talks about Pete which raised a lot of attention. Many thought she was throwing shade at her ex’s. Ariana has come out many times saying how she does not mean anything personal to anyone, that it’s about her thanking all the people in her life. Not only was the song talked about but the music video which has, 282,050,687 views. If you want to read more information on “Sweetener”, and “Thank You, Next” read these,



During the whole month of November, Ariana was releasing hints that she will be releasing some new songs soon in December. Well that became true on December 14th when she dropped the song “Imagine”. In the song she talk about imagining a perfect love life. About being with someone in the moment. Some fans believe it is about the dead rapper Mac Miller her ex boyfriend. They believe she is imagining a world with him in it still. We will never know until Ariana comes out about it. Imagine definitely has not blown up as much as her other songs but that may just be because it was so close to “Thank You, Next” and, her newest song “7 Rings”.

Ariana released “7 Rings” January 17th 2019.The song is all about the 7 rings her best friends and herself bought recently. Ariana talk about all her riches and how she is truly happy that she has so much riches and can share them with her friends and family. Some think the song is about one day where her and her 7 friends went shopping and bought so many things. The apparently went to Tiffany’s and drank so much champaign it just made the day go even better. Parts of the song are based off the song “My Favorite Things” which was sung in the Sound of music musical, sang by Julia Andrews. Ariana lists a few of her favorite things. Such as lashes, and diamonds ATM machines.

The song then gets a bit more sassy. She starts talking about how her lips are glossy and “poppin”. One of the courses is “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” I mean, what a great way to put it. Short and sweet. There’s nothing wrong with expressing how happy you are and are fortunate enough to buy all of your favorite things.

Since these songs have come out, Ariana has already planned her release date of the new album with all of the song titles. I think we can all agree and say how excited we are to see what this talented singer will do next.

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