Jonas Brothers “Sucker”

The Jonas Brothers are back! Yes you read that right, the boys are back! There have always been rumors. but this time it’s true.The Jonas Brothers never really broke up though, I mean they are brothers. They just grew up. If you have no clue who they are then keep reading.

    The Jonas Brothers started out in 2005 as a boy band. The band consists of Kevin Jonas, Joe Jones, and Nick Jonas. They began to become popular when they dropped their first album “It’s about  time” then the summer of 2008 they were starred in the disney channel movie “Camp Rock” and the sequel, “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” They then became very well known. The brothers also had their own Disney channel show called Jonas. Where they were just the Lucas brothers living in L.A. That got cancelled after the second season. The boys dropped a total of 4 albums. Until March 1st 2019, when the three brothers dropped their first single in 6 years “Sucker”.

    Over the past 6 years the three boys have all got married, and Kevin even has two kids! I’m sure all the old fans from when they first started out heard this news and cried, or maybe that was just me. It’s not like the band broke up a long time ago or there was dramma they just decided to make their own carres. Now Joe joined/ made the band DNCE, who had a few hits here and there. Nick also made his own career with his singles here and there. His song “Chains” was the most popular. As for Kevin he just tried to live his best life normally with his wife and kids. Not too much news was happening till they all three started posting about the new single about to drop. Everyone freaked out. Nothing like this has happened in very long time. Especially for the this generation that grew up listening to them.

    The song didn’t just come out. The whole music video did. The song talks about how each of them are “Suckers” for these women. They are just so deeply wrapped up in love with them. One of the really cool things about the music video is that the three women for the brothers are all their wives so cute! The whole song doesn’t really focus on the whole musical part but more the harmonies and the way their voices sound. The songs about the pure love they have. It is thriving, almost everyone knows about it. It is also very catchy.

    The music video was made very well. It’s very colorful and pleasing to the eye. It makes their relationships very sweet and funny. Everyone also likes the fact that the boys are playing their own instruments in the video. Kevin and Nick on guitars and Joe singing. Even though it would have been nice to see Nick back on the drums we will take him as he is. There have been not statements talking about a tour or anything but I think everyone is hopping for one. Over all the Jonas Brother are back and that’s all that really matters!

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