League Play Comes to BO4

After a much anticipated wait League Play has finally come to Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4.  League Play was originally supposed to hit in early December. They then pushed the release date back to before the new year.  The new year passed and still Call of Duty players were left wondering where and when League Play was coming out.

 Treyarch then promised that the gamemode would be out before February was here.  And once again the gamemode was still not here. They then released a new expansion pack that included new maps, guns, tiers, blackout drop places, and the highly anticipated League Play. The new gamemode provides a competitive gameplay with a whole new ranking system.  Players can create any classes using any guns that aren’t banned that they don’t have unlocked yet. There is an option of 3 game modes with a different set of rules, such as team killing is enabled. Before each season you play 5 placement games to get you a rank before even playing in any games.  If you win you get up to 150 ladder points and if you lose you lose up to 61 ladder points.  The game modes are control, hardpoint, and search and destroy. In control you try to capture 2 different zones by just being in the set area, the spin on this gamemode is each team only gets 30 lives per round so use them wisely.  The first team to win 3 rounds wins the game. In hardpoint you go to the designated area that moves all around the map, you get 1 point for every second you or a teammate is in the hardpoint. The first team to 250 points wins the game. The last game mode in the playlist is Search and Destroy in which you get 1 life per round. The objective is to kill everybody on the other team or to plant the bomb and have it blow up without the other team defusing it.  You play to 6 rounds before the game is over.  

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