Cincinnati Reds vs. St. Louis Cardinals

The Cincinnati Reds and the St. Louis Cardinals faced off in a three game series. The Cardinals are at the top of National League Central while the Reds are trying to climb their way out of last place in the NL Central. Cincinnati took game one but St. Louis finished the series strong with two straight wins.

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Avengers: Endgame Recap

The continuation of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War came on April 26th with the release of the much awaited and anticipated Avengers: Endgame. Fans of the MCU have been left hanging since April of last year for the answers to so many questions. Are many of their favorite characters still alive? If so, can they be brought back? Who was Nick Fury paging at the end of the movie? Some answers were given with the release of both Captain Marvel and Ant Man and the Wasp but a lot is still left up in the air. Continue reading Avengers: Endgame Recap

Sri Lanka Bombings

Sri Lanka was recently attacked on Easter Sunday (April 21 2019), a wave of bombs ravished the area killing 321 civilians and tourists and injuring hundreds more. Suicide bombs were set off in a series of hotels and churches across the country.

Sri Lanka has since declared a state of emergency, further marking April the 23rd a National Day of Mourning. In the past days since the attack there has been immense global investigation by the FBI and Interpol into finding the culprit of this mass attack. 53ce7f86-66ee-49a7-82de-55a0c4664f6fWhile Isis has taken responsibility for the attack a total of 40 people in connection have been taken into custody. There were warning threats the days prior that officials were aware of.

In the capital of Colombo the attack was less of a surprise, intelligence services in India and the U.S., had received news of the threats in early April. The threats were so extensive in their detailing that officials were given a list of suspects. It’s still not clear as to why these threats were not taken action on since the Sri Lankan government did admit to failing to act, or why the threats were sent out in the first place. The country has been facing a lot of political divide since last year when President Maithripala Sirisena tried to replace Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. In December Wickremesinghe resigned but since then the government has remained in wrecks. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said on the 24th that there are “Still people on the run with explosives”. db611e57-7c95-42cf-81de-71dcb6036317The community there fears that due to the feuding in the government there was a opportunity for an attack to be made when there was a lapse in security. On April fourth foreign intelligence informed Sri Lankan officials of the potential attacks against the christian community as well as the widely populated tourist areas. Five days later As Easter Sunday approached the frequency of the threats increased, and so did the urgency to taken action. The bombers were able to enter three churches and three fancy hotels with no security checks. Wickremesinghe reported at a news conference on the 21st, saying “We, if it was known, certainly could have prevented many of the attacks in the churches and have more security in the hotels”, he also said that the situation could have been avoided had there not been a breach in communications in Sri Lanka.

It has since been uncovered that the two suicide bombers were brothers from a prominent family in Sri Lanka.

HOMECOMING: A Film By Beyonce

On the one year anniversary of Beyoncé’s iconic Coachella performance, an in depth behind the scenes film was released on Netflix in order to allow fans to relive the historical moment. Titled “HOMECOMING: A Film By Beyonce”, the 2 hour documentary was directed, produced, and starred in by Beyoncé and her crew, cutting between clips from her performance and the prep that took place leading up to the 2 weekend festival.  Continue reading HOMECOMING: A Film By Beyonce

How to maintain a positive mindset

Our lives are a reflection of our attitude. It’s easy to react to things in a negative way and get side tracked on how a bad situation can be turned into a good one. The energy that a person brings along with them can be contagious so it’s important to be the sunshine in the room. Reacting to an event in a negative way not only is restricting you from living a happy life but it affects the environment around you.

Here is a list of habits you should try out to try and maintain a positive attitude and mindset with you everywhere you go:

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Kanye’s Easter Sunday Service

On Easter Sunday morning 2019, Kanye West performed his much anticipated Sunday Service in front of over 50,000 fans. West sat atop a man made mountain at California’s famous Coachella music festival, accompanying him were numerous famous faces in pop culture including Chance the Rapper, Teyana Taylor, Kid Cudi, DMX and 2 Chainz just to name a few. West also brought along a massive gospel choir and a full band. Continue reading Kanye’s Easter Sunday Service

First Round of NBA Playoffs

The first few series of the NBA playoffs are coming to an end with many already over and the only series still undecided is the Spurs/Nuggets, Jazz/Rockets, and Warriors/Clippers series. The teams already moving onto the second round of the playoffs include the 76ers, the Toronto Raptors, and the Portland Trail Blazers. All three of these series ended in 5 games in relatively short and uneventful games.

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White Supremacist sentenced to life in prison

In 2016, a white man chased down a young black man in his jeep and killed him. Just recently, a judged sentenced Russell Courtier to life in prison for the racially motivated murder of 19 year old Larnell Bruce Jr. Courtier won’t have the possibility of parole for at least another 28 years.  

Coutier is a member of a gang called European Kindred. The gang is a white supremacist prison group based mostly in Oregon corrections system.

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5 Cool Things That Could Make the World a Better Place

Everyone wants to make the world a better place. With new technology advancing every year, and electric cars being introduced, entrepreneurs are predicting big things for the year of 2030. Bullying, sexual abuse, public education, and many more are some examples of things that need to be changed as we grow up.

Some social entrepreneurs are ” tackling a range of daunting issues: child sexual abuse on the internet, youth unemployment, mental health crises, counterfeit drugs, and lack of access to medicine. (” Many people are trying to fund groups that can make a profit to stop these things that are happening in our world today. It would be a big step if social entrepreneurs could help decrease those problems we are having. Although, they are going to try to take it one step at a time.

The first step is to make young unemployment come way down. Many kids across the world that are high school students or graduates are working so that they can have the money they need. However, ” in South Africa, every year 1.1 million young people graduate from high school or college — or else they drop out. (” Some of the kids that are still in high school or graduates that are trying to go to college , find a job but over in South Africa, it is a very low number. It is very hard to find a job over there because some of the places that hire are looking at specific things like their work ethic, how well they can speak English and how well they can work with people at public venues.

A nonprofit group called Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is in effect so that kids that can’t land a job, are able to have one. It is basically training and assessments for kids so that they can be able to perfect their language portion of the job; as well as a stronger work ethic and people skills. If all goes well their prediction is that by 2030 kids who are unemployed and who want to work will get a job when they graduate high school.

The second step is for kids who are feeling depressed. A helpline will be created so that their can be people for kids to talk to when they are feeling helpless, lost, or very emotional. It’s a great way for teens because of how much they are on their phones. A simple text to the Crisis Text Line can really make a huge difference if their are kids out there who are struggling and don’t have anyone to talk to about how they are feeling.

The third step is making sure African pharmacies don’t run out of medicine. To ensure that, ” Rockson came up with a company called MPharma so that there can be negotiation for lower prices because of people buying large quantities of medication. (” With that, Africans will be able to get what they need at a reasonable price.

The Fourth step is to have no worries about buying fake drugs. In Africa, buying fake drugs or medicine is a big problem. Bright Simons had made a company called mPedigree to ” give consumers confidence that medicines and seeds they buy are the genuine article and not poor quality knockoffs. (” He is hoping that by 2030, people will be able to trust the system so that they can get what they need and not have to worry about it being a knockoff.

The fifth and final step is no more child sexual violence in online images. Social media has taken over teens way of life. Sexual abuse has occurred over the internet and in the U.S it is illegal. However; there are still reports out there. “Cordua the CEO of Thorn, has developed software to help social media companies find the user generated  images and take them down and has created software to assist law enforcement agencies as they try to find the children in abuse materials. (” She hopes that by creating this, it will completely diminish child sexual abuse everywhere.