U.K Regulators Propose Social Media Regulations

Since the creation of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and other social media apps, there has been an increase of cyber-bullying taking place all over the world. It is effecting teens tremendously because they are growing up with low self-esteem and more anxiety. It’s happening more and more because when teens feel bored they get on social media and stay on there for hours at a time. All over the world, there has been issues of online harm that has been occurring.

In the U.K, “terrorist groups using the Internet to spread propaganda, criminal gangs inciting violence over social media, and sexual predators going online to groom children for exploitation. (npr.org)” The U.K is working on trying to reach out to the social media groups so that they can work on being more alert when it comes to violence online. Communication online can get very vigorous as well. Many teens hear bad language and then apply it online.

Social media has taken over teens way of life. Prime minister Theresa said “I’m deeply concerned that social media firms are still not doing enough to protect users from harmful content. ( npr.org)” With that, the U.K is trying their best to make sure that there is not anymore harmful content on social media. It provokes teens, even young kids to follow what the harmful content said because they think its cool.

What the U.K is trying to do is reach out to social media creators and have them put something on the app to scan for any illegal content. This also can conclude “threats to national security, or material that sexually exploits children. ( npr.org )” That should be a requirement in any social media app that is being used. It should be monitored very closely to ensure there is no harm done in future teens due to there brain still developing.

Overall, social media creators need to add something that can protect these teens from anything that can be harmful to them. Jeremy Wright of the U.K’s digital secretary said “If we surrender out online spaces to those who spread hate, abuse, fear and vitriolic content, then we will all lose. (npr.org)” If social media creators still take there time and do nothing, then nobody will want to use the apps ever again. It would cause a downward spiral to all social media apps as well. We want teens and young children to be allowed to use their free-time on social media and have fun while still being safe. It would be a better environment for everyone because it wall cause a decrease of anxiety, depression, and self-esteem.

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