First Round of NBA Playoffs

The first few series of the NBA playoffs are coming to an end with many already over and the only series still undecided is the Spurs/Nuggets, Jazz/Rockets, and Warriors/Clippers series. The teams already moving onto the second round of the playoffs include the 76ers, the Toronto Raptors, and the Portland Trail Blazers. All three of these series ended in 5 games in relatively short and uneventful games.

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Going into their respective games tonight and next week, the Rockets lead the Jazz 3-1, the Warriors lead the Clippers 3-1, and the Nuggets lead the Spurs 3-2. All three of these games have the pretty big chance of ending the series tonight and next week for the Nuggets/Spurs game. All three of the teams leading their series are coming off of tough wins on the road which could provide them with the confidence to end the series right then and there.

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Throughout the Sixers/Nets series, there were a lot of close calls and heated moments with Jared Dudley almost fighting Joel Embiid on multiple occasions. The series was a very lopsided affair with much of the scoring and showing off being done by the Sixers. This caused lots of resentment throughout the Nets squad which boiled up and spilled over a few times in the series. Dudley had many words to exchange with the entire team but the few altercations he had with Embiid were by far the most notable. This theme of fighting and bad blood stayed true in most of the other series as well with another notable match up being between OKC and Portland. This series brought us some of the most ferocious play from two of the league’s best, Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook. These two players had an absolute shootout throughout the series with Portland just sneaking out with the 4 wins needed to advance.

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This round  hasn’t been on of the most exciting or memorable of all time but some of the games that will come out of the first rounds leading into the second could set the stage for some dangerous match ups. Big personalities will take on fluent well oiled basketball machines. Defensive powerhouses will take on insane scoring monsters. The second round of the 2019 NBA playoffs will surely sate the appetites of many NBA fans.

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