How to maintain a positive mindset

Our lives are a reflection of our attitude. It’s easy to react to things in a negative way and get side tracked on how a bad situation can be turned into a good one. The energy that a person brings along with them can be contagious so it’s important to be the sunshine in the room. Reacting to an event in a negative way not only is restricting you from living a happy life but it affects the environment around you.

Here is a list of habits you should try out to try and maintain a positive attitude and mindset with you everywhere you go:

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  1. How you react

You must understand that you are the one who determines your reality by how you are reacting to the world. When something happens to you, you are the one who decides to react in a positive or negative way. Instead of worrying about your reaction, think of how you can respond. Take into consideration how long this event will affect you, if it’s not going to matter in the long run then you shouldn’t spend days letting it bother you. Give yourself time to dwell then move on.

  1. How you start your day

If you wake up moping around and not wanting to start your day, your starting off with a negative attitude, ultimately creating a negative attitude for your day. Positive people create a morning ritual that shows them how great life is and how happy they are to be alive. Whether it’s 1 minute or 15, take time to think about how you can make your day great and the attitude you will have for the day.

  1. Exercise

Exercise releases positive chemicals into the bloodstream and is a great way to maintain a positive attitude. Starting your day with a workout could be a great way to start your day off on the right foot with a positive and awake attitude.

  1. Your language

Changes in how you speak and respond can change the way you act and think. Instead of responding to a question with “not too bad” or “fine” try responding with words such as great, amazing, or fantastic. Using this type of language can remind you how awesome life really is and lift your mind state. Positive responses result in a happy mind.

  1. Who you surround yourself with

It is said that the 5 people you spend most of your time with you have a similar level of health, lifestyle, and income as. So, surround yourself with the people you want to be like. If you want to be a happy person, then surround yourself with happy people.

  1. Show appreciation for others

By showing your appreciation for others, you then can create a chain reaction. If you compliment someone and put them into a happy mood, their happiness and positivity is going to rub off on others around them as well. If you want to receive more compliments, then hand out more and watch what happens around you. Like mentioned earlier, happiness is contagious, you can be the start of someone’s happiness for the day.

  1. Notice the positive things

So many positive things happen to us in a day that we often ignore. We let one negative event or comment ruin our whole day but don’t appreciation the multiple positive acts that can happen to us. It can be helpful to create a gratitude journal where you write down things you are grateful for that day.

  1. Stop your negative thoughts in their tracks

Obviously it is hard to have constant positive thoughts all the time. It is inevitable that situations will occur that are hard to be positive about. However, when you start to notice these negative thoughts, you can interrupt them and stop them in their tracks. When you notice negative thoughts starting to take over, think of something that makes you happy and can change your state of thought. Whether that’s humming a song, thinking of a person, or an event that you know makes you smile.

Ultimately, it is hard to be happy and positive all the time. However, you are in charge of your mood and how you act can affect other people’s moods. Practicing some of these simple techniques can lead you into living a more positive lifestyle and enjoy your life more. Notice the positive things in life and take into consideration how a negative event can be turned into a positive reaction.


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