Reds Losing Streak

The Reds have been on a steady decline since their win against the Pirates on Opening Day and this past series didn’t go any better. The Reds have suffered many shutout games already and the last series with the Pirates was no different. Their last game on Sunday started out with alot of hope until the top of the fourth came around. Continue reading Reds Losing Streak

Brandon Adams Dies at Age 21

Brandon Adams was a 21 year old Junior at Georgia Tech.  On the evening of March 23rd Adams and some friends were reportedly walking around campus when he suddenly collapsed.  He was rushed to the hospital by his friends where he arrived alive but then later was pronounced dead. Reports say that Adams and a group were practicing stepping in a garage, when they stopped for a water break and Adams collapsed out of nowhere hitting his head on the way down. 

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Russel Westbrook Records Second 20-20-20 Triple Double

Last night Russel Westbrook recorded the NBA’s second eve


r 20-20-20 Triple Double. The only other player to do this was Wilt Chamberlain in 1968. Russel Westbrook has been on fire since the All-Star break. Paul George has stepped out of the spotlight and Westbrook stepped in. He is almost averaging a Triple Double for his third season straight.

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ALICE drill

On tuesday april 2nd,  West Clermont High School had an ALICE lockdown drill. Around 2:20 pm, the students in the school were to evacuate the school and go to the “safety zones” around the school. The three locations are : the football field home stands, Mount carmel Christian Church, which is right across the street from the school, and the last place is the Southern Ohio Manufacturing inc, which is on the other side of Clough Pike. Of course since this was just a drill, so the students had a specific spot to go to based on what floor of the building they were on. But in a real emergency it is important that they would go to the location that is closer and safer for them to go to.  Continue reading ALICE drill