Book Review: Snowflower and the Secret Fan

1103In 2005 Lisa See created a riveting novel that won all of our hearts. I can honestly say it was one of the best novels i have had the pleasure of reading. This captivating story had me locked in, I found myself learning about a whole different world and I was speechless.

The story is told from a 80-year old Chinese woman, Lily, who is looking back at her life as a whole. Since most of her family had already passed away, all she is left with is stories of her life. Now a widow, and having nothing left to lose she is telling the raw honest truth about events that could get her in a heep of trouble.

As we move along with Lily you quickly realize how she is very obedient, and is very set in her traditional beliefs. The only true rebellion she has ever done was participating in a secret language, nu shu. This secret handwriting was created so women wouldn’t be lost in history, since it was a male dominated world and women were viewed as insignificant it came to no surprise they could be wrote out of history. But with nu shu it was a way for women to communicate with daughters who have married away, aunts, grandmas, or even your closest of friends.

A major element to Lily’s life was her laotong, or “old same” Snowflower. Snowflower and Lily were born on the same year, same month, and the same day. From birth they were meant to be connected as one. A laotong companionship is a bond that is deeper than marriage, deeper than sisterhood, it is the most respected companionship. We learn that Snowflower is free-spirited, stunning, and enticing woman who has a kind heart. Snowflower differs from Lily since Snowflower isn’t afraid to travel to the beat of her own drum. Since the age of seven Lily and Snowflower have been inseparable together they married, had children, and  frew into women. Lily described her love for Snowflower to be a “deep-heart love” and if we are lucky, we will experience this type of love at some point.

All together Snowflower and the Secret Fan is one of the most inspiring novels I have read to date. This beautiful tale won over my heart within the first couple of pages. I truly appreciated learning about a new culture and seeing how times have changed. This novel will make you feel more appreciative towards the advantages we have today, but also it will bring tears to your eyes by this love connection. This novel is suitable for all ages, and I truly believe everyone from all walks of life should sit down and take a moment to appreciate this gorgeous account of someone’s life.

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