Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile Review

The spine chilling, drama filled movie starring Zac Efron was just released May 2nd, 2019. Efron portrays a very peculiar serial killer by the name of Theodore Robert Bundy. He was known for murdering over 30 women all across the U.S. It ranged from, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and Florida. He was convicted of his crimes and was sent to the electric chair as a result. He died on January 24, 1989 and that was the happiest day of most american citizens lives.

The new movie that had just came out a few days ago, is about Bundy’s entire story from beginning to end. It started off with him meeting his girlfriend Liz. Later on they fell in love and were inseparable. Liz had a daughter who began to grow very fond of Bundy because he acted like a dad towards her. Then, all the darkness came rushing in. An incident happened where 2 girls went missing from Lake Sammamish. Some people reported that a man was walking around in a sling, saying he needed help lifting something into his car. As well as describing him to be very handsome and drove a yellow beetle.

In the movie, we find out that Liz gave the police Ted’s name because of how familiar a sketch made out to look somewhat like him. She had blamed herself for the cause of him going to prison and being convicted. However, she had eventually moved on and got married to a man that she worked with. Bundy also had moved on to his old friend Carol Boone who he eventually marries and has a daughter with named Rose.

The movie’s accuracy was pretty spot on to what had actually occurred. Bundy was indeed convicted of all the crimes he did as well as having to take the death penalty as one of his consequences. The one thing that did strike me when watching the movie was that even though everyone already knew that Bundy was guilty of murdering over 30 women, he himself would not confess. He would say “it’s absurd that people would think I did something so cruel like this.” Eventually, he did confess the crimes, but it was near the end of his life that he did.

Something that was portrayed very well in the movie was how alike they made the actors look like the real people. Zac Efron did very well with his part, aside from his looks. He was very emotional when he had to be, and at the same time he was calm. Lily Collins, did an excellent job as well for people not knowing much about his girlfriend. She gave the audience an idea of how Liz might have felt and what she had gone through knowing that the person she had loved, had such an evil mind.

Through out the movie, it included past news casts that were running while Bundy was in trial, as well as the day he was executed.  People crowed the prison where he would be executed saying “Burn Bundy.” If it wasn’t for the science behind Bundy’s teeth and the bite mark on one of his victims, it would have made the authority’s job a lot harder.

Overall, the movie was a success. If you are looking for a movie that has a lot of mystery, thrill, and drama, then this is the movie for you. I recommend watching the Bundy tapes before watching the movie because it will make a lot more sense, if you didn’t already know who he was.

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