Face Mask Review

The new Dr. Jart’s Shake and Shot rubber face masks are finally out. These masks were just released a little over a week ago and take on a “DIY” feel as you mix the ingredients before applying. They are described as a “cream-to-sheet” mask and go on with a spatula (that comes with the mask) and peels off as if it is a sheet mask. These rubber masks are actually quite frequent in Korean beauty and spas. It is said that these “cream-to-sheet” masks are made to be more penetrating to the skin, reaching into the pores and skin in general than most sheet masks, as well as face masks in general. Due to you mixing the ingredients makes the masks more fresh and better for the skin.


Sephora says that these masks are made to help
“-Fine lines and wrinkles
– Loss of firmness and elasticity
– Dullness and uneven texture” all while leaving the skin with a healthy and “dewy” like finish. These masks also don’t have any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.
There are currently only four different types of masks. A “brightening” mask leaving the skin looking brighter and healthier by toning. A “hyrdo-boosting” mask with is made to leave the face feeling moisturized. A “firming” mask to leave the face to improve the elasticity in your face leaving it more firm. Then finally a “soothing” which is said to calm the skin as well as repair or fix problem areas. These masks are said to be for all ages and skin types. These masks are also only $12.00 for all the ingredients, a spatula, and the cup to mix.

bleeehNow, usually I am very skeptical of face masks because I have sensitive skin, so peel-off mask normally dry me out and pull rather harshly on the skin, and I feel like sheet mask don’t work for me personally. Although this mask was a combination so I decided to test out one of these masks. I would describe my skin as combination skin with very little acne but some dry patches, but at times can be quite sensitive to certain facial cleansers and masks. Although these few problems, my main concern was the red splotches randomly throughout my face, so I found myself gravitating more towards the “Brightening mask” due to the toning factor.

When you buy the mask you receive two packets and a spatula in a small cup with a lid with a small whole in the top. The first packet is called “Super Boost” containing a thickish, almost translucent, white liquid. It sort of reminded me on a hair conditioner due to the look and feel. The second one contains a clear liquid corresponding to the maks you bought, mine was called the “Brightening Liquid Ampoule” and it was an orange tinted transparent liquid with the consistency of water. Now before I applied my mask I went ahead and did my nightly routine by using the same face cleaners that I always use, but skipped putting on my moisturizer till after, because my face can be dry in certain areas.

The directions were very simple and came on the cup. All you do is mix your two packets, shake for approximately 2-3 minutes, and then apply. Now as soon as I started shaking a few drops spilled from the side of the cup but my cup was done mixing after about a minute of shaking. It ended up having a yogurt sort of texture and was a orangish-white color and had a sunscreen kind of smell. The smell wasn’t personally too offensive and off putting, just something to note if certain smells bother you. The mask is okay to apply to the more broad and smooth areas of my face but around my nose and my eyebrows, where I had to be more precise, it was slightly more difficult. Along with this it began to turn to a gel as I was applying it so the mask began to grabbed and stick to itself. It took a little bit of finessing but over all was still very easy to apply. While the mask was on and drying it had a very nice, cooling feeling. After about 15-20 minutes the mask is ready to be peeled offwhip

After the mask had completely dried and set it had a very nice feeling on the face, it was very easy to peel off and left very little residue (which easily came off with a wet washcloth). The mask left my skin feeling and looking very healthy,as well as extremely soft, and I had immediate results for my red patches. This also carried onto the next day. I felt like I could still see the results when I woke up the next morning. The only problems I had were with the application, which really didn’t bother me too much, but also I feel like I had a lot of leftover product in cup, which resulted in me wasting a lot of product. Over all, I really enjoyed the mask, it was fun and relaxing to do. This mask was also a very unique mask that didn’t break me out or dry out my skin. I would definitely repurchase, as well as recommend this item due to the amazing results.

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