How to Ace your Exams

Exams are just around the corner, especially if you are a senior! We’re giving you five ways to deal with test anxiety. Follow these simple and quick testing tips to help you out!

1. Make sure to study the information and know it! Make sure to be confident in the material, confidence is key. Most of your teachers will probably give you a test review as well as worksheets to prepare. Even if these aren’t for a grade you should still go ahead and do these. They are going to help you prepare for your exam.


2. Be prepared! Make sure you’ve had something to eat and a good night’s rest the night before. Also make sure you have all of your materials that are needed during the test, pens, pencils, paper, a calculator. If you think you might need it, then bring it. When you have your materials you are less anxious. If you are taking a math exam, make sure that your calculator is charged. If it’s English, brush up on your book and read over some notes about the reading. As long as you are brushed up and prepared than you’ll do great!

3. Take your time. If you rush yourself, you may not read directions clearly. Skip questions that you don’t know or are having trouble with, you can always come back to them. During exams, the bells are extended meaning you have plenty of time to take your test.

4. Relax, take deep breaths. Don’t get frustrated when taking a test, try to have a positive attitude about the test and the material. Keep mints and a water bottle by you. Mints are shown to help you concentrate. If you have an energy drink or something too sugary they may upset your stomach or disrupt your train of thought.

homework5. Have minimal distractions so you stay focused. During the test make sure you’re comfortable when you’re uncomfortable it’s hard to concentrate fully. Most classrooms are pretty quiet so you don’t have to worry about that, but wear some comfy clothes. I promise no one is going to judge you for wearing some ugly sweatpants and a hoodie. Nobody is going to wake up early and put on that full face of glam makeup, chances are that everyone will be dressed comfy. Also make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before. You can’t pay attention if you’re falling asleep.

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