How To: Achieve The Perfect Spray Tan!

giphy.gifWhen some of us hear spray tan our minds usually travel to the Friends episode where Ross has a complete catastrophe and is tanned multiple times on one side because he forgot to turn. But I can reassure you that whether its a actual person applying the tan or your in a booth, you will always be reminded to turn! I’m sure we all can agree that we also have a fear of coming out looking like a orange, we all have seen some pretty horrific spray tans! But I can assure you that if you follow these pre-tan and after-tan tips you will come out looking like a gold goddess or god!

  1. Woman-applying-body-scrub.jpgSkin Prep Is EVERYTHING!

Before you tan it is important to take a shower and exfoliate your skin. You want to remove all of the dead skin cells! Make sure you pay close attention to the areas where you get the driest, such as your elbows and ankles. Also make sure your aren’t using a moisturizing exfoliate because it can leave a barrier between your skin and the tan. We want our skin to soak up as much of the product as possible!

  1. pair-of-bright-orange-flip-flops-at-the-beach-oleksiy-maksymenkoYou Should Wear Dark Loose-Fitting Clothing!

After your fresh spray tan it is important to wear clothing that isn’t to form fitting and cling to your skin. For example if you are wearing tight fitting shorts, in between your thighs friction could be created and that friction will remove the tan. Make sure you are wearing dark clothing because it may stain the clothes, typically it doesn’t stain but you would rather be safe than sorry! Also make sure you are wear flip-flops because if you wear gym shoes and tight socks it could remove the tan from the tops and bottoms of your feet and look patchy on your ankles! Make sure you aren’t wearing any perfume or deodorant or any lotions for that day because it can cause a barrier between your skin and the tan! You should also wear nail polish even if it’s just a clear coat! This will create a barrier between your nails and the tan which could leave a discoloration on your nails.

  1. istockphoto-524884744-1024x1024.jpgWhat You Should Avoid After The Tan!

After you have been sprayed, you should be smelling amazing and feeling your skin glow! But the most important thing you can do right now is avoid water for at least 8 to 12 hours. The best time to get your spray is at night so you can sleep and let the tan develop for as long as possible! Make sure you have already had dinner prepared, you have walked the dog, and you have brushed your teeth! The last thing you want is a streaky tan because of sweating or getting a little water on yourself!

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