Is A Chemical Peel Right For You?

chemical-peelWho doesn’t want luminous, youthful looking skin? We are all searching for the next best way to achieve glass like skin. Since the 1990s people have been using chemical peels offered by dermatologists. The procedure is meant to remove the top layer of skin and  resurface it by the use of different chemicals that are applied to the skin directly. When chemical peels were first introduced they stripped the skin and left it feeling raw, but as dermatologist developed the chemicals more closely we can notice how it leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft, and youthful.

When deciding on if you want to invest in a chemical peel it is vital that you do your research and speak to your dermatologist about which chemical peel and intensity will be safest and most effective with your skin. Since there has been so many advancements in the industry we are now exposed too peels begin able to deposit nutrients into the skin! It is becoming a standard for chemical peels to carry collagen which helps improve the overall tone and reduces the lines that may appear in your skin. Once your skin begin to increase the levels of collagen it produces, the skin will naturally produce hyaluronic acid which is vital for anti-aging products!

Chemical_PeelThere is three different level of peels you have a mild, medium, and a deep peel.

  • Mild peels treat the most common of skin irritations and have the shortest recovery time. When using a mild peel you are less likely to have hyperpigmentation occur within the skin. Even though the results are less dramatic and instant, you are less likely to have any sever side effects.  
  • Medium peels are generally used to treat scars, birthmarks, and facial lines but since they are stronger than mild peels they usually take a little longer to recover from. To achieve the desired results you are looking for you usually need more than one treatment. But dermatologists have been using multiple acids instead of one singular stronger acid to help prevent irritation.
  • Deep peels can be used to remove pre-cancerous growths, set-in wrinkles or even a scar, and extreme cases of acne. Even though results can be achieved after just one usage, the peel is typically more expensive and has more side effects.

Within your peel you can find a numerous different types of chemicals such as: lactic acid, salicylic acid, and hydroquinone as just a few examples! The healing process usually ranges from three to five day, with fourteen being the most. If you are looking for a way to smooth, brighten, and minimize sun damage then a chemical peel could be just for you!

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