Marvel: Creating a Cultural Revolution

Ever since the 1930’s America (and now the whole world) has been fascinated with the idea of super powered beings that fight for justice against the prowess of evil. The creation of DC’s comics and their groundbreaking superhumans like Superman and Wonder Woman entranced youth world wide. Thirty years later Marvel comics was created and introduced a new set of heroes to amaze the imaginations of many. As the years went by fans stayed intrigued in the universes inside the comics caused the popularity to rise among young and old fans. Eventually the power of film brought these universes to life on the TV screen a new craze began.

However as the years went by the popularity faded, particularly so in the early 2000s for Marvel, so the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was created. In these films the X-men, 20-avengers-lede.w700.h700.jpgavengers and all other Marvel heroes could be brought to life in one very accident prone universe. Starting off in 2008 with their first film, Iron man, Marvel knew they had success in their future. With incredible actors bringing their sometimes uncooperative, dynamic and noteworthy characters to life the fan base started to grow again. As the films continued to rack in the millions more fan were introduced to what was being a “nerdy” interest, making the idea of being invested in imaginary worlds and crime fighting aliens a normalized hobby. Since then 22 movies have showcased their innovative technology and complex storytelling skills.

avengers-endgame.jpgA year after the box office smash, Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel released Avengers End Game. The movie has been revolutionary to the film industry, in multiple ways. There was endless amounts of hype after the cliffhanger that was the ending of Infinity War, leading to an astonishing amount of sold out pre-sales world wide. People who never cared for comics were suddenly getting caught up on the movies (or at least doing a little research to understand whats happening) before going into the theater. Marvel was able to take a concept that was mostly only utilized in television series where you couldn’t see the newest installation without viewing all the previous episodes and make it successful in the box office.

Marvel’s Avengers Endgame is the accumulation of years of character development and fan excitement, and the hard work put into the movies paid off, literally and figuratively in the high ratings across the board.


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