Meghan Markle: Shaking Up the Royal Family

The British Royal family has always been of large interest by the entire world, the family’s activities draw million of fans interest daily. The royals entered into celebrity status with the televised recording of Queen Elizabeth’s II coronation ceremony, the first royal event to be published. When Elizabeth released home videos from inside the castle the public was able to gain even more access into the the royal life that they all had fantasized about. When Princess Diana came to the public eye everyone was either bewildered or amazed by her incredible compassion and boldness. She acted as a conventional princess would but managed to enthrall all with her personality. After her death the world was shocked to have loss such a wonder. Then 14 years late the royal wedding to Prince William was broadcasted and the world went crazy for the stunning Kate Middleton. She brought the elegance that is a young duchess back into the public eye, keeping the public even more interested since. Then, just little over two years ago the remarkable Meghan Markle was able to live out every regular little girl’s dream and marry a prince; and now the Royal family has a new addition, a little baby boy.

105178620-RTX3K0X9Meghan has been shaking things up since the moment she started dating prince Harry, she is an american, and therefore certainly not royal. In face, she was an actress before, starring in hallmark films, making small appearances in films and even being a briefcase girl on the game show Deal or No Deal. Her nationality didn’t stop Prince Harry from pursuing her, and neither did her race. Meghan is now the first biracial woman to enter the royal family, and her and Harry’s baby is making headlines being the first biracial baby in line for the throne.

That’s not all though, Meghan does things all her own way, very similarly to Princess Diana as the public has noted. All throughout her pregnancy Meghan dressed and actedmeghan-markle-baby-prince-harry-t outside how Queen Elizabeth cares for. Meghan kept all her dresses modest but still made them modern with her own touches, she even painted her nails dark colors (unheard of for the royal family)! Its outside of protocol for the royal women to travel outside of the country if they are pregnant but Meghan announced her pregnancy while in Australia with her husband.

Meghan is making big moves as a duchess and it’s all paying off as the the public continues to praise her, and now with a baby boy between her and Harry the public just has come to adore the family even more.

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