2019 NBA Draft Lottery

Last night the awaiting, NBA Draft Lottery took place. This was it. The world was finally going to see where the biggest name from this years draft, Zion Williamson was going to play next season. Everyone had their eyes set on the Knicks or the Cavaliers was where the basketball phenom was heading.

This was not the case however. With this years lottery pick being the most unpredictable, any team could get the number one pick. Everyone knows Zion Williamson is going to be the number one draft pick. It wasn’t a matter of who would get Zion Williamson with the first few picks in the draft, it was a matter of which team received the number one draft pick and that was where Zion was going.


The nation was shocked when the New Orleans Pelicans drew the number one pick in the draft. Zion and Anthony Davis would be an unstoppable duo in the paint and maybe carry this bad team to a finals contender. In addition to the Zion Anthony Davis duo down low, the Pelicans also have shooters around the perimeter like Jure Holiday and Elfrid Payton. So there it is, Zion Williamson is going to the Pelicans. Or is he?


The long time New Orleans Pelican, Anthony Davis has said previously that he was leaving the team. With the Pelicans winning the number one pick and being able to get Zion Williamson, fans were excited that Anthony Davis was going to stay with the Pelicans. Even tho the Pelicans got the number one draft pick, Anthony Davis still stated that he wanted to leave the organization. Remember, Anthony Davis was a number one pick himself. He knows that the Pelicans are not a winning organization and wants to leave.


The Pelicans have proven multiple times that they want to do what ever it takes to keep Anthony Davis with them. Could this even mean using Zion Williamson? Anthony Davis stated after the lottery draft that he still wanted to leave. Could the Pelicans use Zion williamson to get a few more players and boost Anthony Davis’s salary to convince him to stay? NBA analysts at ESPN say Zion Williamson is the most hyped player since LeBron James and the Pelicans would be ignorant to trade Zion Williamson, so that they can keep Anthony Davis.

The Lakers were also a huge surprise in the lottery. The Lakers received the number four draft pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. With the Lakers only having a 2% chance on getting the number one pick, it was outstanding that they got the number four pick. This is unfathomable luck for the Lakers. You could say they have been having good luck for a couple of years now. First they got Lonzo Ball with the second pick in the 2017 NBA Draft and then in 2018, they got the king of basketball himself, LeBron James. Now they’ve got the fourth pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, with only a 2% chance of getting the number one pick. Is the NBA Draft Lottery rigged?


There has been speculation that the Draft Lottery was rigged for years now. Even since the 1985 draft, when there was a bent envelope containing the New York Knicks logo, to when the Cavaliers somehow got 3 top picks in the 2011 NBA Draft. There have been many problems and conspiracies that revolve around the NBA Draft Lottery.


The Knicks future season got thrown a curve ball after the lottery. They had one of the best chances to get the number one pick and get the number one ranked player in the draft. This could have been the year for the Knicks. At least a playoff contending year. They have been in a rebuilding phase for a couple seasons now and this could have been the year for them. They still got the third pick in the draft and can get a really good prospect. Ja Morant and R.J. Barrett will most likely be the next picks after Zion Williamson. They both can be a huge improvement to the Knicks franchise. They just won’t have enough of a push from those players like they would’ve gotten with Zion Williamson.

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