Scootermania Ending with a Crash

While growing up did you ever resort to a scooter for fun? Ever since the brands razor , Fuzion , and Envy came out, they have been a big hit! Today, the scooter industry has stepped up their game. By producing the electrical scooter , many kids immediately fell head over heels. A quick trip down the street and back gave kids the opportunity to have some fun!

However ; that fun might have to come to an end. “There are now dozens of scooter-sharing companies, and the two biggest, Bird and Lime, are the fastest startups to reach a valuation of $1 billion in U.S. history.” ( It’s great that these scooter companies are making good money so that they can produce more. But, with a demand for the scooters and the mass production of them , some say that it may make way into our daily transportation.

Scooter company big scooter is now coming out with a way where anyone who wants to rent a scooter can with just a click of a button. “You can locate and pay for them using your smartphone, and they typically cost $1 plus 15 cents per minute. Then leave them wherever you want.” ( By having these scooters available downtown for any passerby that sees an interest in it is a great idea. The business industry would make tons of money because anyone who passes by a scooter who doesn’t want to walk for hours will defiantly invest in one of them so that they could get to where they need to be. It’s also great that whenever individuals are through with them , they can just leave them wherever they want.

But , by leaving them wherever they want , it puts the scooters at risk of being abused. “They’re typically dead in less than a month or two. They get abused by riders who have no incentive to maintain them — and they literally get left out in the rain and cold.” ( That can be very bad for the scooter industry because if people are just leaving them out whenever and wherever , anyone can get ahold of them and do what they want. They could vandalize , and destroy them.

Scooter companies have also been having complaints about the safety of these scooters. “The city of Austin and the CDC recently released a study that found there were about 20 injuries per 100,000 scooter rides, and that half of these were head injuries that could have been avoided if riders were wearing helmets.” ( With having safety risks involved it could really hurt the buisness. Having head injuries for people who didn’t wear helmets when they were riding , it could cause more of a demand for the helmets than the actual scooter. That would totally plummet the whole idea of the rent and go idea. The scooter companies want people to be safe when riding them but also to use them properly so that they can do the things they need to do and not have to worry about whether or not they are going to get hurt.

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