Fun Places In Ohio

If you are looking for a get away without actually leaving your home state, and spending half of your money on gas, then here are some of the most exciting places to visit in Ohio. Image result for hocking hills

If you are an outdoor type of adventurer then Hocking Hills could be the perfect getaway for you. They have phenomenal hiking and biking trails, along with a large lake for all sorts of water sports. And we can’t forget about the breathe taking cliffs and waterfalls. Or the forest that spreads as far as the eyes can see across the map of Hocking Hills.

Image result for hocking hillsAdmission to enter the park is free, but it is not likely you will fit all of your adventures into just one day. So you can include renting a cabin or cottage to enjoy your stay in, or you can even stay at the Inn and Spa if you’re not feeling so close to nature. Not to mention that they all have great stunning views!

Another great Ohio getaway is The Marrieta, which is a town built around Ohio’s Riverboat Heritage. So this is the place to be if you are a history-holic. During the Steamwheel Festival is the best time to go so you can enjoy features of plenty of riverboats and fun, friendly activities. You can also explore the local shops and popular restaurants or even walk the trail on the riverfront. Their is a beautiful hotel to stay in in the middle of the town and it really captures the heart if it all. The whole place is decorated in a very antique, and charming fashion. Image result for marrietia town ohio

The best place to camp at in Ohio is the Mohican. It contains two state parks, scenic lakes, historic landmarks, and super charming and creative local shops. They also have great summer festivals, and concerts. Along with a three hour zip line adventure.Image result for mohican state park treehouses But if you think once the sun goes down your pulling out your sleeping bags and bug spray, you are wrong. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to snag one of there complimentary tree houses, which can be considered to come straight out of a fairy tale. These get away tree houses are usually booked for weddings, but you can call ahead and snag a chance to sleep amongst the birds and make your childhood dreams come true, while also putting your tree houses to shame. Image result for mohican state park treehouses

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