Meghan Markle: Shaking Up the Royal Family

The British Royal family has always been of large interest by the entire world, the family’s activities draw million of fans interest daily. The royals entered into celebrity status with the televised recording of Queen Elizabeth’s II coronation ceremony, the first royal event to be published. When Elizabeth released home videos from inside the castle the public was able to gain even more access into the the royal life that they all had fantasized about. When Princess Diana came to the public eye everyone was either bewildered or amazed by her incredible compassion and boldness. She acted as a conventional princess would but managed to enthrall all with her personality. After her death the world was shocked to have loss such a wonder. Then 14 years late the royal wedding to Prince William was broadcasted and the world went crazy for the stunning Kate Middleton. She brought the elegance that is a young duchess back into the public eye, keeping the public even more interested since. Then, just little over two years ago the remarkable Meghan Markle was able to live out every regular little girl’s dream and marry a prince; and now the Royal family has a new addition, a little baby boy.

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Is A Chemical Peel Right For You?

chemical-peelWho doesn’t want luminous, youthful looking skin? We are all searching for the next best way to achieve glass like skin. Since the 1990s people have been using chemical peels offered by dermatologists. The procedure is meant to remove the top layer of skin and  resurface it by the use of different chemicals that are applied to the skin directly. When chemical peels were first introduced they stripped the skin and left it feeling raw, but as dermatologist developed the chemicals more closely we can notice how it leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft, and youthful. Continue reading Is A Chemical Peel Right For You?

How To: Achieve The Perfect Spray Tan!

giphy.gifWhen some of us hear spray tan our minds usually travel to the Friends episode where Ross has a complete catastrophe and is tanned multiple times on one side because he forgot to turn. But I can reassure you that whether its a actual person applying the tan or your in a booth, you will always be reminded to turn! I’m sure we all can agree that we also have a fear of coming out looking like a orange, we all have seen some pretty horrific spray tans! But I can assure you that if you follow these pre-tan and after-tan tips you will come out looking like a gold goddess or god! Continue reading How To: Achieve The Perfect Spray Tan!

Kentucky Derby 2019

The annual first Saturday in May came around over the weekend and with it was the Kentucky Derby. The Derby itself got started out to a rainy, muddy race day but riders prevailed. The first race in the run for the Triple Crown is always highly anticipated and competitive but this year saw something that has never happened in race history. The winner of the most famous horse race in the world was disqualified after a 22 minute debate by stewards. Continue reading Kentucky Derby 2019

Earth By Lil Dicky

As I am sure you know Earth Day was Monday April 22 of 2019. In the recent years a lot of people have thought about the outcome of how we treat the earth and we have tried to start changing and making the earth better. Lil Dicky decided to be one of those to take a stand for mother earth. He released a hint on twitter on April 9th  that he would be releasing a song later on that next week. There was some talk of Justin Bieber collabing with him. Bieber then confirmed that he would be in this new song Lil Dicky would be releasing.

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