Apple Announces The New Iphone 11

For a long time, Apple has been at the top of the phone game. But for the past few years they have been getting heat from consumers about their past releases. The Iphone X, XR, XS, and XS Max have all been roughly the same phone and the community knows it. Although, Apple has been getting backlash from consumers, the release of the Iphone 11 has potential to turn the bad reviews around.

apple_iphone-11-pro_colorsBefore the release of the “new and improved” Iphone 11, Apple let a select few test the phone and give feedback. This turned out to be a great idea! The reviews on the Iphone 11 have been the best in recent years. Social Media has been making the release of the Iphone 11 more and more popular, by making memes of the cameras on the back. Whether it was intentional or not, adding the multiple cameras on the back of the phone was a great marketing idea from Apple.

One of the reasons the Iphone 11 has been such a big hit among consumers, is the fact

iphone-11-gold-kaymak.jpgthat Apple has made major improvements. Some of the big features is the new ultra-wide lens. The ultra-wide lens advances Iphone pictures to a whole new level. The Iphone 11 also has the fastest processes ever used in an Iphone. It allows the phone to run faster and use less battery life. Speaking of the battery, the upgraded battery in the Iphone 11 last up to 2 hours longer that the Iphone XS.

Compared to previous Iphones, the value-based pricing of the Iphone 11 is the best so far for any apple phone in the past six years. They are going from $699 for the regular Iphone 11, and all the way up to $1,099 for the Iphone 11 Pro Max. The value to price we get with the Iphone 11 is what we’ve wanted. If you were thinking of getting a new Iphone, the new Iphone 11 is the way to go for the best value-based pricing.

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