E-Girls & VSCO girls

Being called a VSCO girl is not really an insult, its more of a trend. A VSCO girl is a term used for a girl who posts trendy pictures of herself edited on the app VSCO. VSCO is an app that you can edit your photos but you can also publish photos on it for others to see.  

What they wear:

E-girl Outfits-

They usually wear a black and white striped long sleeve shirt then they wear a shirt over that. Most of their outfits are based around the color of black but will sometimes wear a darker shades. They wear big bulky belts and silver chains. 

VSCO girls Outfits-

The trend that is spreading, is wearing over sized t-shirts and scrunchies. They also wear Birkenstock and shell necklaces. You can probably see a couple friendship bracelets on their wrists and ankles. Most of their outfits are colorful so you wouldn’t really see them wearing any black or dark colors. Of course not all VSCO girls wear this. They could also just have a really aesthetically pleasing outfits.

E- girl Makeup & Hairstyle

They almost always wear A LOT of blush. They don´t always but sometimes die their hair a crazy and cool colors. The makeup is nothing fancy it’s usually A LOT of blush and big cat eyes. 

Vsco girl Makeup & Hairstyle-

Looking tan for a vsco girl is very important. But other than that they just wear light makeup. They will always wear highlighter to look sun kissed. They also wear lip gloss and that’s about it. The hairstyle isn’t anything much either. They usually wear their hair down in a messy bun or in a high but not tight ponytail. 


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