Mandela Effects

  1. We all believe Curious George has a tail but does he really? Well guess what he has never had a tail, what? We all remember sitting down as little kids watching Curious George and seeing a tail but I guess we all were wrong .

2. We all have sat down with are family or friends and played Monopoly right. Well the little Monopoly man has a Monocle on his face  right? Well guess what we are wrong about that he has never ever had a Monocle on his face! That is so weird cause me and my family distinctly remember playing Monopoly and seeing him wearing a Monocle.

3. So we all know that cute little Pokémon named pikachu right. Well does he have black detail on top of his tail? We all say yes because that what we see but guess what we are wrong again! He has never had any black on his tail it’s always been yellow, that’s crazy right? Cause we remember the black on his tail but guess that’s different to now.

4. The movie Snow White and the seven dwarfs and the scene when the evil queen says “mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all.” That’s what she says right well guess what  we are wrong about that she actually says “magic mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all.” What that doesn’t sound right? Well it’s right and now we all feel sad about our childhood and now the most famous quote from Snow White changed! Everyone who loves that line say it like mirror mirror but they are all wrong!

5. We all know those orange cheesy snacks that we all love  those are spelled like Cheez-Itz right? Nope they are spelled like Cheez-It that is weird right, we were wrong about a very famous Snacks everyone eats. That just shows us we see things others do not see.

6. We all know are favorite Star Wars character C-3PO, his whole body is gold right there is no other color on him correct, Well that is wrong his right leg is silver. How did this happen I have no Idea but he has a silver leg. 

7. We all love Star Wars and we all love one of the most famous sayings in Star Wars when Luke finds out Darth Vader is his Father. We all remember hearing Darth Vader say “Luke I am Your Father” but does he actually say and might of guessed right he never said Luke! Vader says “ I am your Father.” What that is not what everyone remembers him saying but it is what he says.

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