Tips to Finding the Perfect Homecoming Dress

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Every year it is a struggle for every high school girl to find the perfect homecoming dress and eventually prom dress. You only get 4 homecomings in your entire life so you want them to be the way you dreamed them to be. Here are my tips to finding the perfect dress for you to make the homecoming look of your dreams a reality:

Step 1: Get inspiration

The hardest part of finding a dress is figuring out what color and style your wants. Using websites like Pinterest, Instagram or even just google search can help. Search homecoming dresses on any of the apps and save the ones that stand out to you. Narrow down your favorites and find the style and color you think will look best on you.

Step 2: Think of what would look good on you

What features do you like about yourself? Do you love you strong arms?, maybe a halter top is for you, or do you have long legs? Go with a shorter skirt. Get a dress that shows off the things you love about your self. Beautiful back, open back dress. Curves, slim fit dress. Slim waist, a dress with a belt. Show off what you love about yourself but make sure it’s appropriate.

Step 3: Follow the rules

This one might be a little obvious, make sure your dress follows the school’s dance dress code! Now, most school will be a lot more lenient in the dress code for a dance than for a normal school day. Make sure you know the limits of your schools code and that the dresses you have picked out fit it. If not then eliminate them from your list.

Step 4: Search for your dresses

Use key words to find your dress in stores, like the pattern, color, and material of the dress. Many stores have the option to send you the dress to try on and send back if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t fit you quite right. You can see what style and color looks best on your actual body. If you like, than buy that dress!

Step 5: Get it cheap

Many girls also have the issue of money with their dresses, and can’t afford the one they like best. Buying a used on that is in good condition could be the answer for you. Using websites like Poshmart, eBay, and even Facebook can help you find a dress for as cheap as $50. Cheaper stores likes JCPennie’s or Dillard’s will also have dresses for cheap, most of their dresses aren’t more than $80.

(Photo by West Clermont High school twitter)

Step 6: Find accessories

Find shoes and a hair style and even a makeup look if you want. Now get yourself on that dance floor and find some friends and have the night of your life!

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