Saudi Arabian Oil Explosion

(ABC News, 2019)

Since the attack, over five percent of the world’s oil supply has been cut off. No casualties were reported at the time of the attack, and no bodies have been found since. The United States will deploy more troops in Saudi Arabia on Friday, September 20. Many countries are supporting Saudi Arabia during this time, Pakistan especially, and Russia calls to “defuse” tensions. The United States and Europe are also supporting Saudi Arabia, despite countries like Britain and France originally believing different countries/groups committed the attack, although they now believe Iran committed it. A lot of the United States’ and Europes’ oil supply comes from Saudi Arabia, so Europe is selling lots of oil to Saudi Arabia to help support their country. Iran is also calling to Europe to end the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, in fear of “all-out war”. 

(Gulf News, 2019)

As of September 24, 2019, the United States, Europe, and Saudi Arabia themselves continue to blame Iran for the attack. However, Iran says that “Enemies who try to attack Iran will face defeat”, a senior Iranian military official said. A new nuclear deal was also proposed to Iran, but the Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif states that no deal will be made since Europe had not fulfilled their part of the deal of the 2015 nuclear pact. The 2015 nuclear pact was a deal between Europe and Iran agreeing not to use nuclear weapons against each other. Iran states that “Our message to the world at the UN meeting is peace, stability and also we want to tell the world that the situation in the Persian Gulf is very sensitive,” meaning that all Iran wants is ‘peace and stability’ and not war. Saudi Arabia originally wanted to ‘fight Iran to the last American’, however now that their oil has ‘bounced back’, they do not want war anymore.

(The Economist, 2015)

As of September 26, tensions have mostly died down since the attack, and no war is in sight.

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