The Battle of the NL Central and the NL Wild Card

If the season would of ended today the Cardinals would of won the central and have gotten the third seed the Dodgers would of have the number one seed and the braves would have the 2 seed while the Brewers and Nationals would have the wild card spot. The Brewers next series are the Cincinnati Reds and the Colorado Rockies. The Next 2 series for the Nationals is the Philadelphia Phillies who are no longer in the hunt and The Cleveland Indians which this series will be the most important because both teams are fighting for a spot for The Wild Card for their separate leagues. The Chicago Cubs still have a fighting chance with their next 2 series The Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals where this will be also going down to the Final weekend where the Cardinals could clinch the NL central and the Cubs could get a wildcard spot.

My Predictions are The number one Wild Card spot  will go to the Millwauke Brewers even though the Washington Nationals have had the lead most of the year at the Wildcard spot they will not get the number 1 seed because they have an easier schedule out of the 3 with the Cincinnati Reds and the Colorado Rockies who are out of contention . My number 2 Wild Card spot  will go to the Washington Nationals because The Nationals need to beat the Phillies and that the Chicago Cubs need to loose to Pittsburgh Pirates and I believe that it is an attainable task and that will be it for the playoffs.

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