Parents are now starting to not label their children a specific gender. They are now starting to calling them “Theybies”. The meaning of “Theybies” is, “a baby who has been brought up in a gender-neutral way and not outwardly identified by its parents as either a boy or a girl. ‘Couples are deciding to raise their children as theybies instead of deciding their gender.” according to buzzword. 

Children are always told to express themselves, letting these children express their own gender. Their parents and other identifying them as “Theybies” is a great way to set them up for success. Gender-neutral mean to applicable to both being male and female genders. 

Parents of “Theybies” believe that sex is biological and gender is as societal construction. They think it is best to not let the child or society know what type of gender they are, so they are not exposed to gender-based  negative stereotypes that a child would be experiencing. Some parents that are raising their children as theybies make sure their children understand that some people are boys and some are girls and some are other. They do not pressure or tell them they are a boy or girl.


Other parents might think that if a boy plays with a barbie it is wrong or “girlish”, and if a girl plays in the mud it is “boyish”.Growing up as a theybie there are no boyish or girlish things you could do. Boy or girl you can play and act however you want. It gives the children a more detailed imagination to grow up with. 

The parents do not expect their children to just pick a boy or girl. They let them express who they want to be. For example Three olds Zyler and Kadyn are being raised as them, they, their as their pronouns. Many parents in the US are already not specifying genders of their children. But this is a little different the parents of Zyler and Kadyn do not let anyone know what their sex is. The parents do realize that one day it’ll be harder once the children are exposed to school and day care but they say that they are confident their children will know who they are in the inside.

These children are just as normal as all other children their parents say they are just like a normal family, they just want their children to grow up knowing it’s okay to cry and show emotion no matter what gender they are. It is okay to go out and get dirty or run fast no matter who you are. Not only do these parents want their children to grow up being able to express themselves, they want their children to accept everyone no matter who or what they identify as.

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