West Clermont Homecoming 2019

Thank you to the Student Council for setting up the dance and making the decorations. The dance was, as stated, fairy tale themed, so her are some of the decorations you would spot while strolling through the dance.

At 9:00, the Homecoming Court was shown off. Congratulations to Freshman Homecoming Attendants Malcolm Peterson and Adrianna Whitson, Sophomore Homecoming Attendants Dylan Hoffacker and Kaitlyn Mohrhaus, Junior Homecoming Prince and Princess Tyler Taktak and Payton Willenbrink, and finally, the Senior Homecoming King and Queen, DJ Vianello and Abigail Vose. Congratulations also to the all of those who were nominated, also.

You can’t have a Homecoming without people. And there were lots of people. There were couples dancing in the Courtyard, people dancing and partying in the dance room, and people meeting up to talk and snack on Main Street. Here are just a few of the groups and couples that came out.

Thank you to those who came out and helped make Homecoming the magical night it’s meant to be. We at Wolves Weekly hope you all had a great time and are looking forward to future school events such as this.

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