Cincinnati Blink ‘19

Over the weekend Cincinnati had a spectacular light event! The event is called Blink and it took place from October 10th through October 13th. Blink is a gigantic party with thousands of people around the world. It took place in Downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, spanning more than 30 city blocks and crossing the Roebling Bridge over the Ohio River. Over the weekend blink turned the region into an outdoor art museum. The city is full of lights, murals by international artists and immersive art.

(PRG North America)


The event gets packed every year, multiple roads are closed after 7 o’clock and the people hit the streets. Due to traffic and the road close, most people Uber, or park away, and walk a little bit to the event. This event is for all people! Families, couples, children, teenagers and even the elderly love to stroll down the streets to guack over the sculptures, and sky high art dancing across the historic building of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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An app has even been made for the event to show people where they can start their adventure. If you are having trouble picking a starting point the app has five planned out walking tours to help you find your way around. The app even shows the most popular spots to stop at, to make sure you use your time in the best way you possibly can, by seeing the best lights. The app shows “What is hot right now” and trending, “Where people have spent the most time.” and what spots people went back to the most, to see the blink art again because, “-visitors just had to see them more than once.”

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An estimated 1 million people show up to Blink each year, so that makes it one of the largest events to take place in that 25+ block span! But don’t worry, there are plenty of porta potties for everyone. Not only is there art and lights for you to enjoy, but the event also has musical entertainment, bars, restaurants, and food trucks opened, and ready to welcome everyone in for a long night of fun. It was a little bit chilly over the weekend but that didn’t stop anyone from bundling up, and getting out there for the magical light event. Blink was a good time all around. If you weren’t able to go this year, clear your calendar, and mark the date to enjoy yourselves at the Blink show next year!

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