Miracle Dog Found in the Rubble of the Bahamas

The member carrying Miracle to take him to treatment

If there is one dog there has to be more, right? “Big Dog Ranch Rescue” is using drones with infrared cameras attached to them to find more animals trapped in the mess and sending a recovery team to save them. They walk through miles of debris and have to dig through it all to find them. They have saved 138 dogs from the rubble in the Bahamas and many have been reunited with their owners and finding new homes for the ones without owners like Miracle. They’ve been going around trying to find animals ever since September.

They have saved the lives of many dogs and the hearts of many people. A simple deed just helping out can make a large difference in someone’s life. It did for all these dogs and their owners. Hurricanes can be overly devastating and destructive. Especially a category 5 hurricane. Which is the highest level made for a hurricane, they come with very high winds and cause catastrophic damage to everything in it’s path. The fact that all these dogs have survived is mind boggling…Surviving the storm itself, the harsh environment after, and the loss of food and shelter. The rescue is on a mission to find Miracle and all his friends a home and to save more dogs while they’re at it.

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