Top Ten Classic Halloween Movies

Its the Great pumpkin Charlie brown.

This movie that you have probably seen yourself came out in (1966).This movie is meant for kids but is very entertaining and it would be near impossible to find someone who doesn’t agree.This story is about everyone celebrating Halloween, well almost everyone because Linas stays around waiting for the Great pumpkin.


Well this movie isn’t exactly for kids it’s rated PG, and was released in (1988). In this movie two people die and come back to haunt the new people living in their homes. Since they are not successful at getting them out they get help from Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice is a dangerous spirit and the Couple Quickly regret making that decision.

Ghost Busters

Gohstbusters is an iconic movie that came out in (1984)This movie is rated PG and if you haven’t seen it, you really should. Its about a team of People who “Bust Ghosts”

The Exorcist

This movie came out in (1973)And has been Haunting people dreams since.This movie isn’t for the faint of heart and is rated R for Disturbing Imagery and Foul language.This Movie is based off of true events which makes it that more frightening.

Childs Play

Everyone’s favorite haunted doll came back for a movie more recently called Child’s play In (2019). Its about chucky Outing the babysitter of his young owner but when the boy tries to tell people they don’t believe him.


The friendly ghost Casper’s movie came out in (1995)And is more of a comedic movie rather than scary. It’s about casper the friendly ghost stuck between being a nice ghost like he wants to be or an evil ghost like his brothers are.

The Sixth Sense

In (1999)This mysterious movie came out. Its rated PG and is about a boy who can “See Dead People”.He is scared ad first but then finds out that he doesn’t always need to be and that sometimes he can help them.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Musical Movie came out in (1993) And was rated PG.This movie is about jack the pumpkin king growing bored of scaring people and trying to give christmas cheer a try instead.

Pet Sematary

Pet sematary came out in (1989) but then came out in a newer version in (2019). The two Movies have a few differences But follow the same plot for the most part. Th9is movie is about a Magical sematary that brings Things back from the dead Like a the Creed families, Family pet.But what is buried doesn’t come back the same way and that, as you can imagine leads for the worse later on in the storyline.

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