Costume Ideas

Wedding Beetlejuice and Lydia

2. Mike and Eleven: If you love Stranger things then this costume is amazing. The girl could just find a cute short sleeve pink dress and a Denim Jacket and High Knee socks that are white on the bottom and green on the top  with a pair of white low top shoes and a blonde wig. To dress like Mike you could wear a pair of black jeans and a nice short sleeve shirt that is white with orange stripes on it and a tan colored jacket and a blue bookbag.

3. The Joker and Harley Quinn: If you dress like Harley Quin you are gonna need a bat, A red and white shirt, Red shorts or red leggings, hair in two high pigtails, you would need a black heart underneath your eye that is made with eyeliner, blue eye-shadow on one eye and red eye-shadow on the other eye, black converses. To dress kike the joker you will need a red button up that is open up and a white t-shirt, black jeans, for the hair just spray some green in your hair, for the makeup you will need red lipstick on your lips. Black shoes and fake tattoos on your arms.  

4. Jasmine and Aladdin: To dress like Jasmine you will need to wear a blue off the shoulder shirt, blue flowy pants, hair in a side  braid with a blue headband, and hoop earrings. To dress like Aladdin you will need white pants, white long sleeve, purple vest, a little red hat, and a stuffed monkey.

5. Queen of hearts and King of Hearts: To dress like the queen of hearts you will need a plan white oversized t-shirt and draw a heart in the middle and then a Q, a red tutu with leggings underneath and a gold tiara. To dress like the King of hearts, you will need a plan white t-shirt and you will draw a heart in the middle and then a k, black pants, and a gold crown. 

Group Costume Ideas: 
1. Simon, Alvin, and Theodore: If you want to dress like Alvin you are gonna need a red plain shirt and an Iron on A, Black leggings, Red high socks and black leggings, red hat, white low top converses,and your hair up in two buns. To dress like Theodore you will need a green t-shirt with an Iron on T, black leggings, white low top converses, green high socks, and your hair up in two buns. To dress like Simon you will need a blue shirt with an iron on S, Black leggings, blue high socks, low top white converses, hair up in two buns, and fake glasses.

2. Mike, Lucas, Eleven, Dustin,Will,and Max: To dress like eleven you need a pair of high wasted jeans and a button up blue shirt with swirls on it and blue suspenders. To dress like Max you need a pair of high wasted shorts with a short sleeve hoodie crop top. To dress like will you need short gym shorts and a short sleeve pullover with lines on it. To dress like Dustin you need a green short sleeve shirt, a yellow hat and a pair of long pants. To dress like Lucas you need sweatbands on wrists, muscle shirt, shorts and converses. To dress like mike you need a green shirt, and black dress shorts with a black belt with your shirt tucked in, and black shoes.

3. The Outsiders Boys: To dress like the outsiders boys you would need jeans, Leather Jackets or Jean Jackets, or flannels, white t-shirts, bandannas and hair greased back, and converses.

4. Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith: To dress like Regina George you will need a black leather skirt, A white shirt that says in pink letters A little DRAMATIC, and a pink cardigan, Black Heels, and a white purse. To dress like Gretchen Wieners you will need a pink striped skirt, a pink long sleeve shirt, pink heals, and a pink purse. To dress like Karen Smith you will need a tannish colored skirt with white stripes, a hot pink long sleeve crop top, black opened toed heels, a burn book, and a blue purse.

5. Napolian dynamite, and Pedro: To dress like Napolian you will need blue jeans and a white shirt that says “Vote for Pedro”, and fake glasses. To dress like Pedro you will need a blue button up, with a Bolo tie, and jeans with a belt and a buckle on it and a fake mustache.

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