Student Athlete Questionnaire

Brittany Woods

Brittany is a junior at West Clermont. She participated in the school girls basketball and softball and even played football for Glen Este a few years back. She plays center field and sometimes first for the school team. She was also the first ones to hit a home run on JV last year. So I decided to ask her a few questions.

  • What is something you love about the school?

She loves being able to see her friends everyday and spending time with them, she also loves meeting new friends along the way.

  • What is something you think we can improve and/or that we’re missing?

Brittnay believes that some of the teacher at the school need to care a lot more about their students and helping them out with their grade. Some enjoy failing students and it’s really not okay.

  • What’s your favorite sport team from our school?

Her favorite sports team out of the school has got to be the softball team, she loved being a part of it and loves all the people on it, even the ones she not as close to as she is to others.

  • Do you think the football team will beat Milford this year?

Not very many people would say yes to this question at the rate our football team is going, Brittney is suspecting the game to be a massive blow out, a score along the lines of WCHS: 0 and MHS: 42.

  • What are your plans for after high school (college, career, etc.)

She is planning to go to college and earn a two year degree for the career she is still trying to figure out.

  • How much has your life changed since the schools have combined?

Brittnay feels that the merging has made her more open with others and talkative and it’s also doing  the same for other people. It also has given her more opportunities to make friends.

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