Student Athlete Questionnaire

Sam Zeigler 

Senior Sam Zeigler is on the varsity girls soccer team for WCHS. Sam has been playing soccer for about 11 years, three of those for West Clermont High School. She has put so many years into getting where she is. So I decided to ask her a few questions.

  • What position do you play?

Sam stated she plays center back. 

  • What do you love most about playing for west clermont? 

Zeigler said how she loves how West Clermont so much, and how everyone is so close. Sam also notes how she loves how all friends and family to come watch and support them. 

  • Is the team going to be good next year? 

Sam thinks the team is set for next year, she thinks that they are all great girls and amazing players. She has high hopes. So make sure to stay turned to watch them next year!

  • Who is your role model in soccer?

Sam told me how she really respects Alumni Makenzie Ellis, former soccer player that graduated from WCHS in class of 2019. Number 18 Sam said she misses her so much! 

  • What are you planning on doing after high school? 

Sam is planning to study nursing at Thomas More University, which she will be playing soccer for as well since she has committed to them! 

Sam wants to thank everyone that helped her get to the spot she is in today. Especially the rest of the Seniors on the team! 

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