Senior Spotlight- Jayme White

Senior Student Spotlight winner is Jayme White!

Jayme is a Senior at West Clermont High school! He is highly intelligent, and athletic and is a great people person! He is the perfect choice for the Senior Spotlight.


Jayme is pretty serious about school when it comes to be successful, after high school Jayme plans on going to UC to take his basic classes because it will be cheaper (smart thinking.) Then he plans on transferring to start his career in criminal psychology.


Jayme’s Favorites:

  • Favorite class- Holocaust Studies
  • Favorite food- Chicken Parmesan
  • Favorite teacher- Mrs Dorhmann (“-because she always finds a way to make class fun.”
  • Favorite color- Teal
  • Favorite sport- Football
  • Jayme is an awesome friend to have! He loves everyone but he especially loves his few close friends like: Josh Branham, Brandon Winkler, Shawn Hurley, Jake Gotti, Max Mason and Nathan Dougherty. Jayme loves to sleep but he also spends a lot of his free time focusing on work and school so he needs to get his beauty rest in!

    The one thing Jayme regrets about his choices in High school, is that he regrets slacking off in some classes from lazyness. Now he pushes himself to get his classes, and work done! Jayme is also really going to miss his teachers, and friends at school but, he says he wont miss the cell phone policy! Jayme has a great mind set for life, and is an awesome person with a bubbly personailty. Jayme White was the perfect pick for Student Spotlight!

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